Jatasura - Sick - Song Review - Nu Metalcore From Rome, Italy

Jatasura - Sick - Song Review - Nu Metalcore From Rome, Italy
Jatasura - Sick - Song Review - Nu Metalcore From Rome, Italy. Metalhead Community Magazine.

Today we are featuring the latest studio single "Sick" by the nu-metalcore band, Jatasura, from Rome, Italy.

Jatasura is one of the promising bands I have been following for some time, listened to all their previous releases; Shifting (2021), Falling (2021), and Nothing (2021). Although I keep addressing Jatasura as a band, the project is actually a one-man show, belongs to a respected artist, multi-instrumentalist (drums, guitars, bass, percussions), composer, arranger, and producer Bruno Maremonti.

I always believed and mentioned in my reviews that Jatasura has the necessary quality in their musical origins, and their latest release Sick is apparently their far best-sounding song with the most established sound character so far. I can easily hear improvements in Jatasura's both technical and musical side, things are getting better and better every time they make a new release. In this way, Sick not only has got the industry standards in its recording and mix, but also makes an impact on the listener only with its solid sound.

The fact is, the mix has the characteristics of modern metal such as powerful dynamics, massive energy, drop-tuned guitars, both growling and clean melodic vocals, and so on. However, after listening to the song, you also realize that all these decisions were supported by an idea, instead of trying to sound like everyone else. Drop tuned guitars from the 2000s nu-metal, riffs from the 90s groove metal, energy and vibe from Limp Bizkit, and vocals from Deftones. I am more than satisfied with the outcome, impossible not to get impressed by the progress. There are so many great-sounding modern bands out there, yet in this specific nu-metalcore genre, Sick is one of the few best-sounding songs I have listened to for some time.

The song caught my full attention with its Dimebag spirit in its guitar parts. You feel like you're hearing one of Dimebag Darrell's indestructible riffs (especially on 2:33) from time to time, and the nostalgia gives you chills. This song has all of these styles in one composition, crafted in a modern and progressive way. Compared to previous releases, it has a solid blend with fantastic grooves, atmosphere, energy, and dynamics, has influences from the 90s groove, grunge and alternative metal, 2000s nu-metal, and modern metalcore/progressive metal (more specifically, Limp Bizkit, Alice in Chains, Pantera, and Deftones) from the beginning. It sounded special for me for two reasons above everything else; focuses only on the strengths of the band and has the most established Jatasura style so far.

On the other hand, I haven't got much to mention as weaknesses. As I said earlier, I am quite satisfied with this song both musically and technically, also respect the band for their effort in giving their fans better music every time they make a release.

Visually, I have to admit that I haven't seen any promising work by Jatasura so far. They have numerous releases so far in their careers where all have the same concept with slight differences. I can agree with the part that all the music was written at the same time period. However, we should also question how much seeing almost a similar album cover on a new release would make you want to listen to it. The visual interpretation of music has an undeniable impact on the listener, guides you through the journey, leaves its visual mark in your memory. I grew up back in the 90s looking into Metallica booklets while listening to the record. And now, they are all part of me and will be forever.

Lastly, I can see that the band couldn't really establish a connection with their listeners when I look at their social channels. Unfortunately, they don't have any released videos in their careers so far, while having five releases in their discography. I'm afraid all these details make the task become even harder.

When I take all these into account, I'd like to say that I've had a good time listening to Sick. Strongly recommended for those who are into groove and nu metal!

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Metalhead Community Team congratulates Jatasura for their new single "SICK", and wishes them the very best in their future careers. Thank you for reading.



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