Jatasura - Shifting - Album Review - Alternative Metal from Rome, Italy

Jatasura - Shifting - Album Review - Alternative Metal from Rome, Italy
Jatasura - Shifting - Album Review - Alternative Metal from Rome, Italy

Today, we are featuring Jatasura, a promising alternative metal band from Rome, Italy. In this review, we delve into their debut album, Shifting, exploring its character, style, story, potential, and more.

Jatasura is an exciting alternative metal band whose debut album, Shifting, was released as a full-length album on February 26, 2021. Take a moment to listen to the album as you read on.

Debut albums hold a unique mission, one that can shape an artist's trajectory. As an artist myself, I can attest to the significance of these initial releases. Shifting accomplishes this mission flawlessly, offering an 11-song album that reflects Jatasura's artistic personality and understanding of music. It is a testament to how legendary artists built their empires by exemplifying true artistry, rather than relying solely on online presence.

Before writing this review, I immersed myself in the album, listening to it repeatedly. I must say, for a debut album, Shifting showcases outstanding production standards, energy, approach, instrumentation, blend, compositions, and potential. There is no doubt about it. When evaluating debut albums, I particularly value musical character, unique elements, freshness, and the story within the themes.

Despite being a young band with a recent release, Shifting surprisingly encapsulates the vibes of the 2000s from start to finish. This is achieved through guitar tunings, evoking memories of Slipknot/Corey Taylor, Limp Bizkit/Fred Durst, and Korn/Jonathan Davis. The album, as a whole, exudes a groovy and dynamic atmosphere, drawing influences from Western groove and nu-metal. Among the standout tracks, "Liar" showcases Jatasura's progressive metal potential, while the remaining songs maintain a simpler approach, which is understandable for a debut project. As a passionate listener of new music for over five years, I struggle to recall many examples of such a unique musical blend. Jatasura exhibits great potential, possessing the necessary knowledge, blend, approach, and a talented vocalist capable of both clean and death metal growls.

Understanding both strengths and weaknesses is crucial for any artist or band. In the case of Shifting, I must acknowledge one weakness: many of the songs share similarities, giving the impression of listening to the same track after the halfway mark. This may be attributed to the song order, a lack of musical creativity, or simply the band's inexperience. It's worth noting that even renowned acts like Korn or Slipknot have faced this issue in their albums. Reflecting on Metallica's Black Album era, producer Bob Rock managed this challenge by adjusting song tempos and guitar tunings. For instance, they lowered the tuning on "Sad But True," placing it right after the album opener "Enter Sandman," which featured standard tuning.

Technically, Shifting showcases impressive standards, especially for a debut album. The album immediately captivates listeners with its energy and mood. Guitars possess a rich tone, vocals are polished and well-mixed, and the album maintains irresistible dynamics from start to finish.

Taking all of this into account, I can confidently say that I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Jatasura. Shifting is an outstanding debut album, showcasing the band's true potential and leaving a lasting impact on its listeners.

"I DON'T BELONG" has rightfully earned its place in our TOP METAL SONGS PLAYLIST!

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In conclusion, the Metalhead Community Team congratulates Jatasura on their successful debut album, Shifting, and wishes them the very best in their future endeavors. Thank you for reading.



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