Jatasura - Nothing - Song Review - Groovy Nu Metal from Rome, Italy

Jatasura - Nothing - Song Review - Groovy Nu Metal from Rome, Italy
Jatasura - Nothing - Song Review - Groovy Nu Metal from Rome, Italy

Today we are featuring a promising groovy nu-metal band, Jatasura, from Rome, Italy. I have reviewed their new song, Nothing, along with its character, style, story, and potential.

I have discovered Jatasura with their debut album, Shifting, at the beginning of 2021, and featured them on Metalhead Community before. This time, they are back with a new single, Nothing, which was released on November 12, 2021. I remember having mixed feelings about the band after listening to their debut album. So let me go into the details about what's changed this time below.

First of all, we should all know that Jatasura is actually a one-man project, collaborating with session musicians, and I always choose to address such projects as a full band. When I think about a one-man band with such determination, I feel that person. I can imagine how challenging is to maintain a career as a band, additionally, Jatasura is doing it alone so far.

Nothing is a commercial metal blend of many parts from heavy, nu, and groove metal. The reason I think it is commercial is because of their song structures and mix, in general, and this song is a good example of their personality. It is rather easy listening to me with a radio-friendly build, having a focus on the attitude and the energy level of this song. From time to time it gets heavier, whereas there are melodic and less dynamic parts. The general vibe in their debut album Shifting, and Nothing reminds me of the 2000s for some reason, which might be the personality in their mix or their musical influences.

The song has many groovy parts, reminds me of Pantera and Limp Bizkit, even though they are totally different from each other. In fact, their music has Pantera influences in its grooviness and attitude as a fact. Additionally, the song musically offers valid things to metalheads who are into groove metal. There are many tasty headbanger riffs in Jatasura's music, and Nothing, is once again is a good example of it.

Lastly, after listening to Nothing after a few times, I have a picture of a band who are still developing their musical foundations. They have the necessary origins, whereas the richness in their musical identity, which is a big plus. The band has so many good things about them as a fact, but still needs time to improve. First of all, Jatasura's musical character isn't being supported by the mix. Although the song sounds perfectly fine, carrying the identity of their origins, I must admit that I am not happy with this commercial sound at all. I am too familiar with this sound and it will never ever remind me of Jatasura. I am afraid that will never going to happen. I have made this mistake myself, and I perfectly know how it feels. It's like writing great songs and then applying the mix template of a classic album.

On the other hand, the mix also caused damage to the vocals. I didn't like the vocal mix at all, this isn't the answer to what this specific vocalist needs. In this song, there are two talented vocalists, Dan Picknell (clean vocals) and Aliumccm (growling). The vocalist character in this band sings melodic, tense, powerful, growling, heavy, whereas he also needs a solid attitude. These are the strengths of the guy in this role, but the mix doesn't seem to have the necessary approach for him in each of these sections. I didn't like the way he sounds on verses, chorus, and bridge sections, all of them were way below the vocalist's actual potential.

When I take all these into account, I'd like to say that I've had a good time listening to Jatasura. I respect them for their determination above everything else, admire people like them with solid nerves who pursue their dreams no matter what. Nothing is a badass groovy nu-metal song with solid Pantera attitude, Metallica riffs, and influences from the 2000s.

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Bruno Maremonti, drummer, guitarist, bassist, percussionist, composer, arranger and producer.

In conclusion, Metalhead Community Team congratulates Jatasura for their impressive job in, Nothing, and wishes them the very best in their future careers. Thank you for reading.



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