Jatasura - Falling - Song Review - Groovy Nu Metal from Rome, Italy

Jatasura - Falling - Song Review - Groovy Nu Metal from Rome, Italy

Today we are featuring the promising groovy nu-metal band, Jatasura, from Rome, Italy, with their third single release in 2021, Falling, along with its character, style, story, and potential.

Jatasura's new single, Falling, has a different approach compared to the band's previous works, which was the first thing that caught my attention. The main characteristics of the Roman band are their nu and groove metal origins, specifically from the 2000s, tuned down guitars, and bold, commercial metal sound. I am very optimistic about the improvement so far in Jatasura's example. In my book, they step forward in the right direction each time they make a new release.

Falling is an impressive song that hits the listener on your first listen. The general mood of the song has two powerful pillars, Egyptian/Moroccan Eastern cinematic vibes with Deftones' groovy nu-metal character. I don't think anybody would say anything against the idea of combining these two. And, I also know that blending Eastern elements into your music is no longer exciting for anybody. Maybe it won't bring you a hit song in return, yet there surely are some successful examples such as Opeth's Atonement (Ghost Reveries), System Of A Down's Innervision (Steal This Album!), and Jatasura's Falling.

The song has an easy listening flow in general, offering both clean and distorted sections in its build. The tonings in the clean parts have heavy influences from Limp Bizkit, while distorted parts have the Deftones. And this is one of the reasons why Jatasura's overall personality sounds familiar to our ears. The fact that we all have listened and still listening to music like this certainly adds commercial potential to the song.

Musically, I've got no weaknesses to add here. The song makes the necessary impact with its excitement and energy. There's nothing poorly done in the composition, on the contrary, it should be considered progressive.

Technically the song has the necessary industry standards in its recording and mix, even though I don't think that this is where Jatasura's sound character is limited. I appreciate the fact that Jatasura has already taken valid steps further in their sound development, where Falling is a good example of it. They have the necessary inputs, yet not good enough for a band who pursues global recognition. At the same time, I still feel like there are some slight sound balancing issues in the song, vocals sound too loud while heavy parts sound low.

Lastly, I'd like to say that Jatasura has an idea of how the band should continue its career in terms of graphics. However, seeing a very similar album art image for the third time wasn't any exciting for me at all. I admire those who can be creative with their visuals as they do with their music, support their music, help listeners to picture the right image while listening. All new bands are expected to make an impact, and this is their chance. In this case, I'm afraid Falling's visuals didn't resonate with me at all.

When I take all these into account, I'd like to say that I've had a good time listening to Jatasura once again. Every new song they release proves the fact that those who love the 2000s groove metal will be very interested in what Jatasura offers so far. Looking forward to hearing more from them in the near future!

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In conclusion, Metalhead Community Team congratulates Jatasura for their new song, Falling, and wishes them the very best in their future careers. Thank you for reading.



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