“On the day June 8th, 2016, it was me looking for answers after committing myself fully to music, and coming to the conclusion that it is only possible when a few individuals with the necessary artistic vision, skill, and dedication come together and handle separate fundamental tasks to sustain a career as a band. If one simply can’t be the drummer and the guitarist in one band at the same time, then I had to become the sound engineer or the media person that’s always needed.”

Metalhead Community is an independent media platform for anyone who enjoys music and rock/metal culture, founded by Burak Gundogdu on 8 June 2016 as a music enthusiast, artist, guitarist, composer, and lyricist. Over the years, the platform has become one of the international tastemakers in the metal music industry with a respected following and readership, dedicated to covering the local music scene, culture, and promising acts from all around the world.

Burak GundogduThe Founder & CEO
Music Journalism, Interior Architecture, Metal Music Artist.

Lucerne, Switzerland
Odesa, Ukraine
Istanbul, Turkey

Lily SwedBusiness
Business Relations, Yoga Teacher.

Currently in Lucerne, Switzerland
Odesa, Ukraine