Metalhead Community is an online magazine dedicated to covering the music and culture of the Heavy Metal underground. It launched on June 8, 2016, on social media and grew quickly into a brand new platform that debuted January 12, 2017. Metalhead Community made it its mission to support and promote the emerging bands and artists who are keeping Metal alive and pushing it forward. Now, Metalhead Community Magazine publishes the most in-depth and enthusiastic coverage of Rock and Metal music to be found and has become an important tastemaker on the international music scene.

The Metalhead Community Team is a small-but-mighty crew whose sole objective is to support real bands making music with heart, soul, and authenticity. Every person involved is completely obsessed with Rock and Metal and believes that music can make our world a better place. Metalhead Community Magazine isn’t about the mainstream. It intends to keep new music as its primary focus and to promote the finest Metal around.


Burak GundogduThe Founder & CEO
Active in the Music and Entertainment Industry as a Professional Artist and as a Music Consultant, Brand Manager, and Music Reviewer since 2013.

Los Angeles / Odessa

Lily SwedA&R, VP Operations
A&R, Artist Relations, VP Operations.
Los Angeles / Odessa
Tuncay DinchCreative Director
Visual Artist, Guitar Player, Metalhead.
Directing Graphics Team of MC | Studio.
James TurnerAuthor
Author / Music Reviewer at Metalhead Community.
South Africa
Cameron TrichardtAuthor
Author / Music Reviewer at Metalhead Community.
South Africa
Nettie CobaltAuthor
Writer at Metalhead Community.
South Carolina, USA


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