If the First 5 Seconds Don't Sound Interesting, You're Going to Get Skipped, Says Lauri Seppälä of Finnish Death Metal Band Borderline

If the First 5 Seconds Don't Sound Interesting, You're Going to Get Skipped, Says Lauri Seppälä of Finnish Death Metal Band Borderline

In this exclusive interview, we sit down with Lauri Seppälä, the Lead Guitarist/Producer, and Arttu Airo, Drummer of the Finnish death metal band Borderline. We talk about their daily lives as musicians, their latest album "Broken Anatomy," their perspective on the music industry, and what it takes to succeed as an independent artist. They also share some valuable advice for aspiring musicians and reveal their plans for the rest of 2023.

Borderline, Out of Place (Official Audio)

Out of Place is the second track from Borderline's debut single called, "Demo" released July 20th, 2020.

Q1 - How would you describe a typical day for you, and what percentage of your daily life is dedicated to making music?

A1 –

Lauri: Coffee->Gym->mixing/producing/songwriting/learning->job->netflix->sleep. I would say 50% of my day is dedicated to making music or learning about music.

Arttu: Lauri sends a demo, I listen to it, and start playing it.

Q2 - What was the most honest feedback you received after releasing your album "Broken Anatomy," and how much do you agree with it?

A2 –

Lauri: That It lacks character. Yeah, I agree with it wholeheartedly. I'm not stoked about it but I get it.

Arttu: Absolutely Metalhead Community review! Totally agreed with it!

Q3 - What were the main musical and thematic influences behind "Broken Anatomy"?

A3 –

Lauri: I guess death metal from the '90s and early '00s.

Arttu: For me Göteborg sound and old nordic melodic death metal.

Q4 - What are the three things that make Borderline a special collective?

A4 -

Lauri: Nothing really if I'm totally honest.

Arttu: We do everything by ourselves. We have a clear vision. And music has always been part of our lives.

Borderline, Band Photo Credit: Ansu Airas

"If the First 5 Seconds Don't Sound Interesting, You're Going to Get Skipped," Says Lauri Seppälä of Finnish Death Metal Band Borderline

Q5 - With over 100,000 new tracks being uploaded to Spotify every day, how does this affect the music industry, and how does it make you feel as an artist?

A5 –

Lauri: Music has become fast food for the consumer. Everything is available at all times and that means you really don't have time to fuck-around with the songwriting. If the first 5 seconds don't sound interesting, you're gonna get skipped. Sometimes it makes me feel it's impossible to make a career in music, but then I remember that making music is about who I am. Not about what I can achieve.

Arttu: No pressure at all. That's the name of the game and we agreed to play it. U know it's the same for everyone. And I think it's much better than what was going on in the 80s/90s

Q6 - What are Borderline's plans for the rest of 2023?

A6 –

Lauri: Recording and songwriting. The next release should be before fall.

Arttu: Sorry, that’s all we can tell for now :)

Q7 - If you had the chance to play your music for a musical idol, who would it be, which Borderline song would you play first, and why that particular song?

A7 –

Lauri: James Rolfe. He's not really a musician but a writer and a filmmaker. I guess any song would be fine because I would just love to tell him how much he has inspired me as an artist.

Arttu: Lol I would like to hear what Ozzy thinks about Point Blank Hypocrisy.

Q8 - What is your perspective on the death metal world, and which acts do you think lead the scene?

A8 -

Lauri: I really don't have a clue about the scene and never have. I remember seeing memes about crabs or something.

Arttu: Not so into the scene... Anymore.

Lauri Seppälä, Lead Guitarist and Producer of Borderline Credit: Ansu Airas

Q9 - How do global events impact your writing as a music composer?

A9 –

Lauri: What global events?

Q10 - Why do independent artists and bands often struggle to recoup their investments, and is it impossible for them to succeed financially?

A10 –

Lauri: Because it's a tough business and people often have no clue of what to invest in. No, of course not. It's really hard though.

Arttu: Drugs and no day jobs?

Q11 - What do you think makes a band or artist "great," and which artist or band was the first to teach you something, and what did you learn?

A11 –

Lauri: I personally think there has to be some technical talent to be great. Simultaneously I think songwriting is key to being great. It is too hard to say which band was the first to teach me something but many bands have proven, to me at least, that if the topline is good people are going to enjoy it. Ah, now I remember. Africa by TOTO. That song thought me that topline is key. To this day I don't really seem that fond of that particular song but damn that topline really slaps.

Arttu: Create something new, don't copy, be yourself, and have fun.

Q12 - What advice would you offer to someone who wants to form a band and start a career in music?

A12 -

Lauri: Keep your mind open. Surround yourself with better musicians than you are. Get out of your comfort zone. Don't wait for inspiration, learn discipline and push yourself. Every. Day.

Arttu: Good luck mate! Just play!

Arttu Airo, Drumer of Borderline Credit: Ansu Airas

"If the First 5 Seconds Don't Sound Interesting, You're Going to Get Skipped," Says Lauri Seppälä of Finnish Death Metal Band Borderline

Q13 - If Borderline were going on a world tour, which two other bands would make the ultimate show with you?

A13 –

Lauri: Meshuggah and maybe Mastodon. Cannibal Corpse would be awesome too.

Arttu: Pikassa and Martti Servo!

Q14 - Finally, what message would you like to convey to our readers?

A14 –

Lauri: When was the last time you sat down and really took your time and listened to some good metal? If it takes more than 5 seconds to answer, I must order you to take a day off and cleanse yourself with your favorite metal band while enjoying a nice malty beverage.

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