Crow Black Sky - Sidereal Light, Vol. Two - Album Review - Ambient Black Metal from Cape Town, South Africa

Crow Black Sky - Sidereal Light, Vol. Two - Album Review - Ambient Black Metal from Cape Town, South Africa

It is the second snowy day in the Swiss Alps this year, marking another period of transition between seasons, globally and in our personal lives. Today, I am writing about a fascinating work by a band: Crow Black Sky, hailing from one of the most unique and challenging areas in the world, Cape Town, South Africa. They have wholeheartedly convinced me of their capabilities and potential with the second studio release in their career, “Sidereal Light, Vol. Two,” which was released on October 3, 2023.

Crow Black Sky - Sidereal Light, Volume Two (Full Album Stream)

"Crow Black Sky is a cosmic black metal band from Cape Town, South Africa, with roots dating back to 2009. On October 3, the band unveils their third album, Sidereal Light, Vol. Two - a deep dive into the chaotic origin of the universe, the saga of the stars, and the foreboding future of civilizations.

Nebula VFX by Teun van der Zalm

00:00 - The Blinding Might of Creation07:25 - With Starlight in Our Eyes16:24 - The Sapien Shadow27:04 - Omniscient"

It was just a month ago that I discovered Crow Black Sky through music submissions for the first time, and it took me only a minute to grasp the essence of this band. After discovering the album with the third track, 'The Sapien Shadow,' I found myself compelled to listen further, giving the album multiple spins. My appreciation for their work only grew during this test of time.

First and foremost, the album adopts a storytelling approach reminiscent of Pink Floyd. While the album consists of only four tracks, the craftsmanship behind it is quite breathtaking, and each track carries a profound meaning. From a musical standpoint, the album combines its black metal roots with a rich ambient concept, featuring multi-layered instrumentation, orchestration, and a touch of Devin Townsend's perspective. This offers the world a fresh outlook that not only incorporates traditional elements but also introduces innovation. The foundation of all four songs is highly complex and progressive, and the collective showcases an impressive display, especially in their instrumental craftsmanship. They made me reflect on how long it's been since I heard such exceptional lead guitar work in black metal.

From a technical standpoint, the band also deserves appreciation for not opting for an old-school approach. "Sidereal Light, Vol. Two" benefits greatly from high-end production techniques, adding another layer of quality that sets it apart. The producer has masterfully envisioned the entire picture while staying true to its black metal origins, and I was personally highly satisfied with the vision behind its creation.

Crow Black Sky, Band PhotoPhoto credit: Unknown

On the other side of the coin, I believe that "Sidereal Light, Vol. Two" represents only a step forward in terms of sound character. Although all my experiences with it have been more than satisfying over the past month, I still believe that the Crow Black Sky sound still has plenty of room for personalization.

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Ultimately, I consider the "Sidereal Light, Vol. Two" album as one of the most promising metal releases of 2023 so far, which has led me to regard Crow Black Sky as one of the finest bands hailing from South Africa. Black metal at its finest, combined with high-end production qualities, blending extreme, technical, depressive, and progressive metal influences with multi-layered orchestration, all under a heavy ambient climate. Strongly recommended metal. Thank you for reading.

Crow Black Sky, Sidereal Light, Vol. TwoArt credit: Unknown

released October 3, 2023

Writing Credits:All songs written by Gideon Lamprecht and Ryan Higgo

Recording Credits:Drums: Frank SchilperoortGuitars: Gideon LamprechtVocals: Ryan HiggoGuitar solo by Justin Ross in “The Sapien Shadow”Mixed and mastered by Lawrence Mackrory

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