Borderline - Broken Anatomy - EP Album Review - Melodic Death Metal / Modern Metalcore from Turku, Finland

Borderline - Broken Anatomy - EP Album Review - Melodic Death Metal / Modern Metalcore from Turku, Finland

Today I am writing about the promising death metal band; Borderline, from Turku, Finland with; Broken Anatomy, their debut studio album released on the 6th of January, 2023.

Borderline - Point Blank Hypocrisy (Official Music Video)

Produced, Mixed, and mastered by Lauri Seppälä @E.A.R. Studios

If there's one thing certain about Borderline, it would be the fact that these Finnish gentlemen consistently deliver proper death metal. After being introduced to the band with the opening track, Point Blank Hypocrisy, not long ago, I recently finished listening to their first studio EP album, Broken Anatomy, and I am here to share my honest opinion.

First of all, Broken Anatomy is a powerful-sounding death metal album that stands out with its aggressiveness, heaviness, and modern sound character. The general concept has a death metal focus from the beginning, and these gentlemen don't seem to enjoy a wide range of subgenres when it comes to putting their signatures on it. The musical foundation of Borderline blends influences of traditional death metal with technical, melodic, groovy, folk, modern deathcore, and grindcore.

Moreover, I believe the album has enough quality to make an impression, particularly for those who grew up with old-school death metal. The producer has built a modern character for this album, giving them the ability to sound traditional, but also taking advantage of modern metal at the same time. The musical journey usually maintains a narrow path throughout the album, deserves appreciation for its monstrous energy and solid attitude.

Borderline, band photo Credit: Ansu Airas

On the other hand, I also have to admit that the album musically was a bit too narrow for my taste. There wasn't much that left an impression on me after listening to the entire record a few times on repeat. While it is a monstrous sounding album, I don't see enough distinguishing character to set it apart.

Additionally, I wasn't satisfied with the sound design after my listen. It is familiar, overly processed, and again lacked a distinct character.

Borderline, band photo Credit: Ansu Airas

When taking all of these factors into account, I would like to say that I had a good time listening to Broken Anatomy. Borderline's debut EP, Broken Anatomy, offers an unapologetic take on traditional death metal with a modern sound character. Thank you for reading.

Borderline, Broken Anatomy (2023) EP Album Front Cover Art Art Credit: Ansu Airas

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