Borderline - Point Blank Hypocrisy - Song Review - 90s Melodic Death Metal / Modern Metalcore from Turku, Finland

Borderline - Point Blank Hypocrisy - Song Review - 90s Melodic Death Metal / Modern Metalcore from Turku, Finland

Today I am writing about a promising melodic death metal band; Borderline, from Turku, Finland with; Point Blank Hypocrisy, their second studio single released on the 2nd of December, 2022.

Borderline - Point Blank Hypocrisy (Official Music Video)

Produced, Mixed, and mastered by Lauri Seppälä @E.A.R. Studios

First of all, Point Blank Hypocrisy is simply a good combination of vintage and melodic death metal with modern metalcore, speaking to those who love listening to old-school as well as modern metal. My first impression of Borderline after experiencing Point Blank Hypocrisy was positive, and that's mainly for their musical vision.

The work deserves appreciation for its energy level, sound production, musical foundation, and attitude, objectively a successful work without any weaknesses. The music immediately resonated with me after listening to it for the first time, yet convinced me after seeing their Pantera attitude, the vocalist's old-school Mayhem t-shirt, his Jeff Hanneman look, and influences from the 90s in their music video. It was a great experience from my side, at the same time, this is undeniably a well-done video in many ways.

Musically, the song has vintage death metal influences and that's what I loved about Borderline the most. The one certain thing about this collective is that they are talented enough to execute death metal, black metal, and modern metal under their umbrella, Point Blank Hypocrisy is a good example of that.

Borderline, band photo Credit: Ansu Airas

On the other side of the coin, I have to admit that I wasn't impressed by their visuals and band presence. Apparently, everything was done by the book from their side in terms of the album concept, artwork, and visuals. In my eyes, it made them just another metal band out there, rather than a band recognizable by their visuals.

The second thing I'd like to mention would be the sound design work. Although I believe that this is a powerful-sounding metal song with vintage and modern characteristics in its design, still think that the sound personality needs improving. The drums sounded overly processed and computerized which I don't enjoy listening to, and also think that the band doesn't have enough recognizable stylish sound, rather a mainstream one.

Borderline, band photo Credit: Ansu Airas

When I put all these into account, I'd like to say that I had a great time listening to Point Blank Hypocrisy. Carrying both vintage death metal and modern metalcore influences in its origins, accompanied by the attitude of Pantera, vintageness of Death, and modern metal work of In Flames. Thanks for reading.

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