10 Folk Metal Bands that Should be in Your Library in 2022

10 Folk Metal Bands that Should be in Your Library in 2022
10 Folk Metal Bands that Should be in Your Library in 2022 - Metalhead Community.

I must admit that I have always been distant to folk metal as its traditional approach couldn't renovate itself while other genres gave birth to many visionary subgenres, and the first thing I realized after discovering all these astonishing works was the outdated thing about folk metal was nothing more than my perspective.

Although some of these bands might not fit the traditional understanding of folk music, they have got enough to be considered in this specific world. These folk metal bands deserve to be in your music library in 2022.

10 - Korpiklaani

Traditional Scandinavian Folk Metal from Lahti, Finland

Korpiklaani is probably the most traditional folk metal band on my list, already proven themselves to the world through the years with their respective contribution to this specific genre. I recommend checking out one of their Unorthodox, melodic, and emotional song; Tuuleton where traditional metal meets world-class production while being faithful to its folk metal origins, accompanied by rich instrumentation and the solid personality of the collective.

KORPIKLAANI - Tuuleton (Official Music Video). "Director / Scriptwriter / Cinematographer / Editor: Markku Kirves. Light & grip: Italo Moncada. Assistant: Tomi Malin. Production house: Pajula Productions. Old man: Yrjänä Ermala. Daughter: Katri Järvelä. Wife (leväluhta memories): Mirja Oksanen. Film was shot at Huovilan puisto in Kärkölä in 2020."

Korpiklaani, Jylhä (2021) Album Front Cover Artwork. Art Credit: Darkgrove Design

Korpiklaani band members;

Jonne Järvelä
Kalle "Cane" Savijärvi
Jarkko Aaltonen
Tuomas Rounakari
Sami Perttula
Samuli Mikkonen

9 - Finntroll

Scandinavian Folk Death Metal from Helsinki, Finland

Another significant name from Finland; Finntroll, offers the world a solid blend of death and black metal with Scandinavian Viking metal influences, keeping a tasty balance between dark and positive energy. One of their latest singles, Ormfolk would be the right introduction to Finntroll, earned its place on this list.

FINNTROLL - Ormfolk (Album Track). "FINNTROLL - Ormfolk (Album Track). Taken from the album "Vredesvävd", out September 18th, 2020 via Century Media Records."

Finntroll, Vredesvavd (2020), Album Front Cover Artwork. Art Credit: Samuli "Skrymer" Ponsimaa

Finntroll band members;

Samuli Ponsimaa
Henri Sorvali
Sami Uusitalo
Mikael Karlbom
Aleksi Virta
Mathias Lillmåns
Heikki Saari

8 - Karna

Alternative Slavic Folk Metal from Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

Although Karna doesn't approach folk metal like other traditional names, they are one of the successful bands that show potential with their visionary Ukrainian folk music origins. Modern alternative rock/metal meets groovy nu-metal influences in a commercial but respectful, and artistic way. Party на Прикарпатті, one of their iconic songs, is the right example to make sure of it.

KARNA - Party на Прикарпатті (Official music video). "Director: Viktor Skuratovskyi. Camera: Serhiy Banderas. Editing: Denys Skuratovsky, Viktor Skuratovsky. Sound: Vlad Yarun. Piper: Maxim Berezhnyuk"

Karna, Гуцул-метал (2017) Album Front Cover Artwork. Art Credit: Yuriy Pitchuk

Karna band members:

Oleksiy Yarosh — vocals, rhythm guitars
Vladyslav Yarun — guitar, backing vocals
Pavlo Korsun - bass, backing vocals
Oleg Bilous - drums

7 - Thyrfing

Symphonic Scandinavian Folk Death Metal from Stockholm, Sweden

Thyrfing offers the world the best example of vintage black metal and Scandinavian folk coming together, earned its place in my list with their traditional and respectful way, carrying all the qualities of established bands. Listening to their latest release Vanagandr was enough for me to become a fan as one of the best-sounding metal albums I listened to recently, blending symphonic, folk, black, progressive, and death metal influences in its finest.

THYRFING - Vanagandr (2021) FULL ALBUM (HD)

Thyrfing, Vanagandr (2021), Album Front Cover. Artwork Art Credit: Niklas Sundin

Thyrfing band members;

Jens Rydén – vocals
Patrik Lindgren – guitars
Fredrik Hernborg – guitars
Joakim Kristensson – bass & keyboards
Dennis Ekdahl – drums

6 - Evoking Winds

Vintage Black Slavic Folk Metal from Minsk, Belarus

As some of you might remember that I reviewed two Evoking Winds studio albums; The Heroes (2019) and Towards Homestead (2008) last year and shared my appreciation. The Belarusian collective is special with the cinematic form in their work, blending death and black metal with medieval folk influences in their musical origins. Their latest music video; Silent Dawn part: 2 is a good example to check out where you get to hear the darkest side of Evoking Winds, blacker and darker than their recent work, simply a must-have in your library.

Evoking Winds - Silent Dawn pt.2 (Lyrics Video). "Genre: Atmospheric Folk Metal / Black Metal. Country: Belarus. Album: Silent Dawn

"There is a folklore dance called Padyspan', which was once widespread in the lands of Belarus. We danced it a lot with my wife when we met many years ago, and playing this song arranged in Evoking Winds style was really personal to me." - Evoking Winds"

Evoking Winds, The Heroes (2019) Album Front Cover Artwork. Art Credit: Nele Diel

Atmospheric metal meets folklore fantasy in music by Evoking Winds. It’s a mixture of stormy blast beats with an epic ambiance and a healthy dose of Eastern Europe’s dark tales.

5 - Ereb Altor

Scandinavian Folk Pagan Power Metal from Gävle, Sweden

Ereb Altor is another promising band that separate themselves from the rest of the world with their characteristic vocalist while being faithful to their traditional power and folk metal origins in their music. World class production meets collective character, Scandinavian origins, and power metal at its finest, strongly recommended metal!

Ereb Altor - I Have The Sky (Official Video)

Ereb Altor, Vargtimman (2022), Album Front Cover Artwork. Art Credit: Tomarum av Christine Linde

Ereb Altor band members;

Daniel "Ragnar" Bryntse - Vocals, electric guitar, electric bass
Crister "Mats" Olsson - Vocals, electric guitar, electric bass, keyboards
Kristofer "Mikael" Elemyr - Electric bass, backing vocals
Jonas "Tord" Lindstrom - Drums

4 - SAOR

Ambient Progressive Death Scottish Folk Metal from Scotland.

Origins is simply a successful example of what Scottish Highlands Metal would sound like. I caught myself thinking of Scotland while watching Origins music video as I found out afterward that SAOR was the project of a Scottish one-man orchestra; Andy Marshall. The song separates itself from the rest of the world with its musical approach that reminded me of Devin Townsend, blending ambient, progressive, death, black, and heavy metal with post-metal in a cinematic form. Strongly Recommended Metal.

SAOR - Origins (Official Music Video). "Director; Guilherme Henriques. Assistant Director; Victor Moura. Starring; Eric Murdoch & Sophie Marshall. Make up artist; Nikki Docherty"

Saor, Origins (2022) Album Front Cover Artwork. Art Credit: Anaïs Mulgrew

SAOR means free, without obligations, unconstrained. All of these characteristics are intrinsic to the music of SAOR, the musical entity spearheaded by sole member Andy Marshall. As a lone wanderer proudly shouting the tales and myths of his people, his culture and his region from the tops of misty Caledonian mountains for the wind to carry, Andy has carved a solitary, yet strikingly inspiring path with SAOR. Now, the award-winning Caledonian metal pioneer has returned with 'Origins,' the mastermind's fifth full-length album that delivers his profoundly atmospheric hybrid of black and folk metal that takes the listener deep into the Scottish heartlands.

3 - Bloodywood

Indian Folk Rap Metalcore from New Delhi, India

Watching the first minute of Dana Dan music video was enough to convince me about the potential of these Indian visionaries; Bloodywood, as they are close to establishing something I wasn't familiar with. Traditional Indian folk comes together with nu-metal, groove, rap, and modern metalcore in the most aggressive way possible. Their visionary work deserve all the respect, soon to be internationally discovered by the metal community.

Bloodywood - Dana Dan (Official Music Video). "Dancers; Prachi Rastogi (prachirastogix). Diksha Sharma (__diksha_sharma_7). Dhyani Riddhi Khan (dhyani_riddhi_khan). Aashita Gupta (_aashitagupta_). Akarshi Srivastava (akkuu._.26). Make-up - Saachi C (notsaachi). Location - SpacePepper Studios, New Delhi Shot by Prabal Deep Das, Karan Katiyar. Edited by Karan Katiyar"

Bloodywood, Rakshak (2022) Album Front Cover Artwork. Art Credit: Anirudh Singh

Bloodywood band members;

Jayant Bhadula - Vocals
Raoul Kerr - Rap Vocals
Karan Katiyar - Guitars, Flutes, Composition, Arrangement, Production

2 - Alien Weaponry

Groovy Māori Folk Metal from Auckland, New Zealand

Alien Weaponry is currently one of the most promising metal acts in the world for their innovative approach, blending the groove metal of Pantera with the grungy rock vocals of Alice in Chains, the wrath of Sepultura, and Native New Zealand Folklore (Māori) in a visionary way. Kai Tangata is a successful example of talent coming together with pure vision and professionalism as the collective is already backed up by one of the giants; Napalm Records. Strongly Recommended Metal.

ALIEN WEAPONRY - Kai Tangata (Official Video). "Video Production - Kwasnik Pictures & AW Noise ltd. Director - Alex Hargreaves. Cinematographer & Editor - Piotr Kwasnik. Camera Assist - Julia Wang. Actors and Warriors - Brent Hay, Moko Smith, Whatanui Flavell, Koro Tini, Whanarua Edmonds, Tatiana Lewis-Wano, Tairoa Morrison, Sonia Lewis and our awesome Ngati Pikiao/Te Arawa whanau in Te Matarae i Orehu and Te Whare Kotua Hare and his kapa haka crew from Te Kaokaoroa o Pātetere school in Putāruru. Music Production - Simon Gooding & Hammerhead at Roundhead Studios New Zealand. Mastered by Samuel K Sproull in Melbourne, Australia"

Alien Weaponry - Tū (2018) Album Front Cover Artwork. Art Credit: Unknown

Alien Weaponry band members;

Henry Te Reiwhati de Jong
Lewis Raharuhi de Jong
Tūranga Morgan-Edmonds

1 - The Hu

Mongolian Folk Metal from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Although The Hu is only around since 2018, they are one of the significant bands that need no introduction. Pure character comes together with vision and talent, blending Mongolian war themes with the heaviest music possible, distinguishing themselves from the rest of the world by their definition of Mongolian Metal.

THE HU - Black Thunder Part 1 (Official Music Video). "Production Company: Cross Animation Studio. Director: Dashdondog Bayarmagnai. Co-Director: Erdenebileg Ganbold. Creative Director: Temuujin Batkhuu. Operator: Nemekhbayar Yu. Production Manager: Bayarmunkh. Editor: Nemekhbayar Yu. Special thanks to UFC Fighter D.Batgerel aka Steppe Storm and all the HU family who contributed in making this video."

The Hu, The Gereg (2019) Album Front Cover Artwork. Art Credit: Unknown

The Hu band members;

Gala / Lead Throat Singer and Morin Khuur
Enkush / Lead Morin Khuur and Throat Singer
Jaya / Jaw Harp, Tsuur, Flute, and Throat Singer
Temka / Tovshuur

It's always a great pleasure discovering new bands, yet only some of them we share with our closest friends in a private message saying; "hey you gotta watch this man!". I am lucky enough to share these talented people with you in an article, hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Missing someone out? Feel free to share with us in the comments section below. Thanks for reading.

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