The Divergent - Neuroplasticity - Song Review - Progressive Death Metal from Hämeenlinna, Finland

The Divergent - Neuroplasticity - Song Review - Progressive Death Metal from Hämeenlinna, Finland
The Divergent - Neuroplasticity - Song Review - Progressive Death Metal from Hämeenlinna, Finland

Today, we have the privilege of featuring The Divergent, an exceptional melodic progressive death metal band from Hämeenlinna, Finland, with their groundbreaking song 'Neuroplasticity.'

The Divergent - Neuroplasticity (OFFICIAL VIDEO). Video was directed by Pete Welling of Welling Creations ( Featuring Jussi Lampi as the "mad man".

The Divergent is a unique and highly impressive melodic death metal band that recently caught my attention through Metalhead Community Submissions. Their debut release, 'Neuroplasticity,' which came out in 2019, stands as one of the greatest metal compositions I've had the pleasure of hearing in recent times. This is truly an exceptional achievement.

Upon closer examination, it becomes evident that The Divergent possesses a wealth of songwriting experience and advanced musicianship. Their compositions and decisions exhibit a level of creativity rarely encountered. 'Neuroplasticity' is replete with fresh and innovative elements, seamlessly connected through a captivating energy flow. The powerful guitar riffage, instrumental partitions, and vocal delivery combine to form an extraordinary unity, creating a potent and meaningful whole. The song exudes a dark, mysterious, and aggressive atmosphere that immediately commands attention and immerses listeners in its world.

It is not uncommon for metal bands, even renowned ones like Metallica, Megadeth, Dream Theater, and Behemoth, to lack the level of creativity and harmony that The Divergent has so masterfully captured. This lamentable trend saddens me deeply. However, The Divergent has shattered these limitations and barriers with their debut release, instilling hope in metal fans and inspiring future generations of musicians. They have exhibited immense potential through this remarkable achievement, surpassing all expectations. As I have mentioned in previous articles, such high standards are seldom anticipated from emerging bands. The Divergent has undeniably made an indelible mark and showcased their ability to conquer the metal world.

The Divergent, band photo. Credit: Unknown

Technically speaking, 'Neuroplasticity' meets the highest standards of musicality. The sound quality is immaculate—clean, clear, perfectly balanced, and expertly mixed and mastered. Every strike, every nuanced detail is perceptible. Congratulations are in order for the musicians, sound engineer, mixer, producer, and all those involved in the creation of this masterpiece.

Taking all these aspects into account, The Divergent has surpassed my expectations in every aspect. Their unwavering commitment to excellence has resulted in a bulletproof statement—a phenomenal debut release titled 'Neuroplasticity.' This achievement will undoubtedly bring lifelong pride to the band and their families. 'Neuroplasticity' has also secured a spot in Metalhead Community's Top Metal Songs Playlist on Spotify.

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The Divergent - Neuroplasticity

In conclusion, the Metalhead Community Team extends heartfelt congratulations to The Divergent for their phenomenal work on 'Neuroplasticity.' We wish them the very best in their future endeavors. Thank you for reading.

The Divergent, Neuroplasticity (2019) EP front cover artwork. Credit: Unknown