Supreme Unbeing - Enter Reality - Album Review and Band Interview - Commercial Rock from Stockholm, Sweden

Supreme Unbeing - Enter Reality - Album Review and Band Interview - Commercial Rock from Stockholm, Sweden
Supreme Unbeing - Enter Reality - Album Review and Band Interview - Commercial Rock from Stockholm, Sweden

Today, we feature Supreme Unbeing, a promising commercial heavy rock/metal band hailing from Stockholm, Sweden. In this review, we delve into their debut album, Enter Reality, exploring its character, style, story, potential, and more.

Supreme Unbeing is a heavy rock/power metal band that recently caught my attention with their powerful debut album, Enter Reality, released in 2020. I invite you to listen to the album as you read further into this article.

As someone who predominantly listens to progressive death metal, I was pleasantly surprised when I came across a band that seamlessly blends their music with a sense of 90s nostalgia. It was only a week later that I stumbled upon the enigmatic musicians of Supreme Unbeing, and once again, I felt that same excitement.

Enter Reality is an amalgamation of power and creativity. The album encapsulates the essence of what made bands like Metallica, Megadeth, and Ghost pioneers in the genre, offering exceptional dynamics, tremendous energy flow, and captivating guitar work. In previous articles, I have emphasized the significance of a well-crafted blend in good music, and Enter Reality undeniably earns its place among the metalhead community.

The songs on the album feature badass riffs, radio-friendly structures, impressive vocals, delightful melodies, powerful drumming, and an abundance of 90s Hetfield/Mustaine-inspired riffs. The overall mix reminded me of Megadeth's dynamic guitars, while the album's resolute positive spirit brought to mind Ghost BC. There is nothing amiss here; Supreme Unbeing excels in delivering a captivating experience that allows me to savor every second.

It is rare to encounter such well-executed projects, and Supreme Unbeing has undoubtedly demonstrated meticulous planning and attention to detail. Their story, thematic approach, uniqueness, and clear sense of purpose easily distinguish them from the pack.

Having listened to the album extensively, I find something to appreciate in each song. However, if I had to highlight one standout moment, it would undoubtedly be the badass Hetfield riff in "Solution," an exhilarating throwback that transported me back to those unforgettable years. It's evident that we grew up during the same era, sharing similar inspirations.

Lastly, I want to acknowledge the exceptional vocalist of Supreme Unbeing. I applaud you, my friend. Your characteristic voice, power, spirit, and attitude contribute significantly to the band's powerful blend. While I believe there is still untapped potential in your singing, I understand that this is just the beginning for the band, and I eagerly anticipate your growth.

From a technical perspective, Enter Reality boasts excellent standards. The overall production quality is top-notch, although it leans slightly more modern than my personal preference, particularly in the drum department. Nevertheless, the album's overall impact remains world-class. Listening to a Megadeth album right after serves as a testament to the minimal differences I detect. There is little to critique; Enter Reality couldn't sound any better than it does.

Considering everything, I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent with Enter Reality. This A+ debut firmly establishes Supreme Unbeing as a team of professionals who possess a clear vision and know how to bring it to fruition. I am confident we will be hearing much more from them in the future.

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In conclusion, the Metalhead Community Team extends its congratulations to Supreme Unbeing for their outstanding work on Enter Reality and wishes them continued success in their future endeavors. Thank you for reading.

Supreme Unbeing Band Interview

Q1- Let's start with how SUPREME UNBEING was born? Is this a project of friends or a team of people who share the same dream?

We thank you kindly for your question, which can be answered in many different layers. However, let’s start by revealing that Supreme Unbeing, as a group of prophets and a band, emerged into the present timeline in 2018 after Zac Red, lead prophet of Supreme Unbeing, had observed the people of the Earth, the societies of Earth, for a great period of time from the Realm (the opposite of this physical illusion where we currently find ourselves in). Zac Red observed and tapped into the collective metaphysical state of mankind and came to the conclusion that action was required to challenge and inspire the people of the Earth to move towards a more positive and preferable future. To summarize, Supreme Unbeing is derived from the Universe itself to bring forth these important messages (songs) to the people of the Earth.

Q2- What the story behind the name; SUPREME UNBEING?

Supreme Unbeing is the natural timeless state of the mind when in the Realm. The opposite of when experiencing this physical life in the mind/body complex.

Q3- What was the idea for having a mysterious theme, costumes, and characters? How do you feel about it at the moment, and are you planning to keep it during your upcoming album period as well?

Supreme Unbeing is more concerned about the music and the messages in the songs than about the exposure of physical entities lending their body complexes to the prophets Zac Red, D.Vine, Al Mytee and Unknown. However, the animated characters of the band are only the visual image best portrayed at the moment. More revelations will come in near future.

Q4- What is the story behind your debut release, ENTER REALITY? How did you come up with the album title?

Oh there are many interesting stories leading up to our debut release. If we concentrate on the events that unfolded here in this illusion (the physical reality) before, during, and after the recording we can reveal that the journey was filled with lethal encounters. For instance, one member of the producing team experienced a near-death experience due to an allergic reaction when digesting peanut crumbles on a sushi dish, and may we note that the individual in question is allergic to peanuts and that peanuts should not be placed upon a sushi dish. Other incidents kept occurring but may in retrospect be viewed as fortunate. For instance, the chance meeting with David Ellefson and his partner Thom Hazaert at EMP Label Group. All in all, the main stories are still better if they remain untold for the time being but may eventually surface in the future. Lastly, the album title, Enter Reality, simply describes the current whereabouts of Supreme Unbeing, leaving the Realm to enter this illusion, the physical domain, our current reality.

Q5- What can you tell us about the thematic/lyrical approach in "Enter Reality"? What were the main influences?

The existential and philosophical themes are present throughout our messages, always with the underlying objective to challenge/provoke or to inspire/enlighten. Main musical physical influences are the thrash metal gods Megadeth and Metallica as well as hard rock icons Guns N’ Roses, although not always musically obvious in the songs of Supreme Unbeing. Supreme Unbeing is a band with many minds/faces, and influences have also come from modern day giants Slipknot, Trivium, and Five Finger Death Punch.

Q6- How is the feedback so far?

The feedback has been overwhelming to say the least. With great reviews, for instance MetalHammer Greece (8/10), and a 3rd place vote for “Album of the year 2020” according to the readers vote in Sweden Rock Magazine. Along with close to 6 million streams throughout the major digital streaming platforms (Spotify, Youtube etc.). The people of the Earth want more music and messages to be disclosed by Supreme Unbeing, and thus Supreme Unbeing will continue to endure this physical reality and is already planning to release more music in 2021.

Q7- How was the recording process? Where did you record, and who produced the album?

The album was recorded in physical experience location called Gothenburg in the Earth region called Sweden. Produced by Mathias “M-Rex” Rexius and mixed/mastered by Philip Crusner (also known to some as the drummer of Swedish rockers Eclipse). Executive produced by Thom Hazaert and David Ellefson (of Megadeth) of EMP Label Group.

Q8- Supreme Unbeing is currently signed by "EMP Label Group," which is truly impressive. How did you guys manage to get signed with only one album?

We thank you for your compliment, as we have understood that the recording industry is very hard to break into. May we state that the universe truly works in both mysterious ways and obvious ways, in this case, oh yeah, very mysterious.

Q9- What can you tell us about the Short and Long Term Objectives of the band? What is the next checkpoint?

In the short term we are still adjusting to the physical life here in the illusion and at the same time continuing to spread the word about the messages included in our debut album “Enter Reality”. Long term objectives will be revealed fully in the near future; however, we can reveal to your readers that exciting developments will soon take place in the universe of Supreme Unbeing. That being said, the natural checkpoint would have been following up the album with a tour, now impossible due to the pandemic. We will most likely release our next album without even yet taking the stage for the first time. To get more music out there to the people of the Earth is definitely the next checkpoint.

Q10- What can you tell us about the rock/metal scene in your town? About the general mindset and approaches? Any successful acts?

Our natural residence is the Realm, the Realm is a place of all and nothing at the same time. Singleness and diversity. The Realm is quite peaceful, and everyone loves metal, much like in your own community of metalheads. We cannot reveal more at this time/nexus since this would infringe on your free will.

Q11- What makes a band "Great," in your opinion?

In a sense it might be indistinguishable qualities that sets apart the Greats from the rest. A riff here, a solo there. A note here, a tone there. In less technical terms you might tell that a band is great if you find yourself, unconsciously, humming or singing to a melody or a lyric. That, when a band has left an impression on you to an unconscious extent, is what makes a band great.

Q12- Top 5 albums influenced ENTER REALITY?

An interesting question indeed. There have been many influences throughout the ages, but in present day knowledge to mankind we state the following in no particular order:

  • Dystopia, Megadeth
  • The Black Album, Metallica
  • The Stage, Avenged Sevenfold
  • All Hope Is Gone, Slipknot
  • Meliora, Ghost

Q13- Lastly, what would you like to say to our readers?

We thank you all for reading this important article until the end and hope that you feel intrigued to explore further into the universe of Supreme Unbeing. Come join us on our quest to enlighten the people of the Earth with heavy riffs, astounding solos and intriguing lyrical messages.


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