Slipknot Birth of the Cruel – What to Expect

The extremist gentlemen from Iowa have returned to the move with a spectacular debut; “Birth of the Cruel.”


When you hear the word “Slipknot”, surely guttural voices and strange-looking masks come to your mind that has one more purpose than to cover the faces of these authentic metal theme performers.

Slipknot = Masks

The Slipknot band is an iconic band thanks to their mission where none of the band members show their faces and keep improving themselves in the history of performing arts. This time, with their new album, they are more evil and badass looking than ever been.


Their eccentricities have given them recognition

For many, it can be overwhelming and scary everything that revolves around the band, because if usually great examples of rock are known for their personalities on and off stage, Slipknot has taken each of these much further, so much so that the band members have been airtight and respectful of certain criticisms they have witnessed from their peers.

Why the theatrical work of the masks?

In the beginning the band decided to shield their identity since for the moment they decided to form as a group, they lived in a town where their inhabitants were extremely religious, so many things were considered as an offense to their religion, so they wanted to continue their lives in a normal way, without attracting much attention, and that’s how they decided to remain anonymous for a while.

Slipknot quickly cultivated all his followers and also managed to make a place in the rock/metal music scene, and although many do not approve of his methods and his music, they have continued to cultivate successes and have an important participation in the world of entertainment.

The band has already released more than 5 recordings and returns this year with the sixth, which promises to be as brutal as its previous works.

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“We Are Not Your Kind” has arrived

On August 9, the album was released and has become the sixth of its kind that the band has recorded, and it can be said that this work was undoubtedly reflecting the evolution of the band in some way or another. They have made the actual difference not only with their phenomenal sounding new album but also with their completely reinvented, the Ultimate Slipknot look.

“Birth of the Cruel” is a preview of what “We Are Not Your Kind” was about to bring

Just before the actual album release, a new song called; Birth of the Cruel, off from the new album was released, which was the third single we know of the album, part of the group of 14 songs that were presented in this record.


Darkness, so much darkness

The theme shows what the band brings this time and of course, it is something quite “dark” as the leader of the band Corey Taylor said, but also describes it as a view of the past, from the point where it is currently.

It is no secret to anyone that the band has evolved greatly since its inception in the mid-1990s, and if they had to describe themselves in the past the word “dark” would continue to apply in any of their seasons, and that speaking only of their talent musical, which sometimes has been overshadowed by other situations, even so, the material they publish is increasingly consistent with what they are at that moment.

A song that reflects very well this new concept

Birth of the Cruel is one of the songs that clearly show the concept that the band wants to transmit through this album, which is basically the fight between good and evil and in the middle is the nature of the human being, who is prone to take sides more than one side than the other. However, there are situations that make us more on the side of evil, since it is considered that you are in some way or another end the goodness and give way to the birth of evil.

Slipknot-Birth-of-the-Cruel---What-to-Expect---We are not your Kind Album Front Cover Image

The struggle between good and evil, or between evil and good?

The duality that exists between good and evil that is contained within the human being is not a novelty for the band, who have always taken seriously this internal struggle that many have, and that even they themselves have experienced in their own flesh.

Together with “Solway Firth” and “Unsainted”, “Birth of the Cruel” would become another advancement of the long-awaited album of the band, and would complement the concept of the new installment that Slipknot has for all its followers, only remains to wait for listen to the rest of the songs that make up all the material and delight in this dark proposal.

If you are a sensitive person, we recommend you take this album calmly since you guys have been characterized by treating in a rather aggressive way many of the themes they propose and the concepts they create in order to give life to their material. Slipknot is not a band suitable for sensitivity and has shown this throughout his career, although their musical talent goes far beyond what his “scandals” can allow. It can be said that the eccentricities have not yet completely overshadowed all the talent that the 9 members of the band have.

And as I said, if you are sensitive you will not be able to digest this new album, much less after the band leader described it as the darkest thing they have done so far, and you have to believe these words to a person who recently recorded a single while he was naked and making cuts in his arms.

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