Aeonatan - Worldeater - Song Review - Alternative Shoegaze Rock from Helsinki, Finland

Aeonatan - Worldeater - Song Review - Alternative Shoegaze Rock from Helsinki, Finland
Aeonatan - Worldeater - Song Review - Alternative Shoegaze Rock from Helsinki, Finland. Metalhead Community Magazine.

Another hectic Monday of contrasts here in Myyrmäki, with both rainy and sunny weather all day long, young kids in the neighborhood looking for trouble, and underage girls asking to buy them alcohol. It is evening time and as I write this down back in the office, a local Helsinki project of a talented producer, "Aeonatan," is playing in my headphones with his latest EP album opener song, which is also the EP title; Worldeater. Most certainly a special name with a special concept for those who enjoy moody music. Let me go into the details below.

aeonatan - Worldeater (Official Audio)

It is true that I have been involved in moody and soft music concepts for the last ten years without professionally practicing or performing it, and it didn't take much for Aeonatan to catch my attention with these qualities, the solo project of Finnish musician/producer Jonathan Stenfors.

First of all, Aeonatan incorporates influences of grunge rock, alternative rock, punk rock, and shoegaze in his musical language, while experimenting highly digitalized and processed modern soundscapes. However, Worldeater also demonstrates how he professionally handles mixing both major and minor climates in the song, not trapping the listener with anything usual. The beginning and the grunge/alternative part of the song immediately evoked memories of Nirvana, while the song resolves into unexpected punk rock territories in the second part. I believe it was a good idea from the beginning, and he made them work flawlessly.

The sound part of the work deserves big credit in the outcome. Worldeater does not sound like a song that I hear that often, regardless of the similarities and familiarities. In conclusion, I very much enjoyed the highly detailed characterization. Nonetheless, the work has an abundance of artistic ideas within.

Aeonatan, artist collage.

On the other side of the coin, I don't have too much to offer from my side if I were asked to produce Aeonatan's next album, since it is highly personalized and detailed work. Although I feel like making any suggestions would be too personal, I would also like to share that I would prefer listening to Aeonatan less processed.

Aeonatan, artist photo.

In conclusion, discovering Aeonatan, the project of such a talented composer/performer/producer from Helsinki, has been a pleasure. 90s grunge, shoegaze, and alternative rock are being experimented in highly processed and piercing moody post-modern soundscapes by a promising performer/producer who also enjoys detailed work. Thank you for reading.

aeonatan - Worldeater, EP album front cover.
written by jonatan stenfors
produced by jonatan stenfors, lauri loikkanen
mixed by lauri loikkanen
mastered by Jarno Alho / Alho Audio Mastering
cover art by elsiniinkuhelsinki

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