Ramener - Dogs - Song Review - Heavy Grunge Rock from Long Island, New York, USA

Ramener - Dogs - Song Review - Heavy Grunge Rock from Long Island, New York, USA

Today we are featuring a promising grunge/punk rock band, Ramener, from Long Island, New York, USA, with, “Dogs”, their debut single.

Today I am writing about another young and talented new band from Long Island, Ramener, who immediately reminded me of myself back in high school times, where I used to live with music 24/7, going to rehearsal studios with my mates and playing old school metal every weekend. Every time I ask myself why I fell in love with metal music and electric guitars but not classic guitars or piano, the answer is always about the energy, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that way. Rock and metal music was my only and most efficient way of losing all the negativity the world injects into our veins.

Ramener, in this way, has so much in common with the 90s punk, grunge, and metal in their musical blend, but also carries this spirit in their characteristics as individuals. I am listening to their only song, Dogs, for a few days now and I started to understand everything better about these young gentlemen. First and foremost, Dogs stand out with its massive live-performing energy above everything else, reminded me of bands such as old school Motorhead, Metallica, and The Offspring. They simply have the necessary attitude and energy level in their nature to become successful in this way, which is something that you can't fake or pretend, you either were born with it or not.

Also, Dogs has punk, grunge, and metal origins in its foundation as I have mentioned above, but nothing from the modern scene even though these gentlemen are young. The build is radio-friendly and easy listening together with its instrumentation, mainly focusing on the energy level the song produces. This characteristic gives you the ability to make a massive impact while performing live, maybe more than any other genre in the world, just like Motorhead did.

Moreover, I really liked the vocalist. He definitely has the necessary talent and attitude for the job, his personal contribution to Ramener making everything better, in terms of originality, and punkier. This was the main reason why I mentioned those bands in the first place; Dogs have Motorhead's live performing potential, Metallica attitude, and The Offspring's punk rock origins.

Lastly, Ramener also has a grunge, heavy rock, 90s metal influences in their sound as well, which I quite enjoyed listening to it with maximum volume. I personally listen to more complicated music with progressive origins, but at the same time, it reminded me of Metallica's Garage Inc. album in so many ways. This song is mainly for those who love going to live shows and listening to radio rock as a fact, but either way, Dogs properly represents Ramener with its passion and electrifying energy, the main reason why most of us fell in love with his amazing music.

On the other side of the coin, I haven't got anything critical to mention. Dogs is Ramener's only release in their discography so far, even though I feel like they are together for some time and constantly playing live around their town (got this impression after digging into their social accounts). In my book, the only way to become successful in this specific genre is all about releasing new music as often as possible, constantly playing live shows, and repeating this cycle. Just follow the steps of Lemmy Kilmister, he'll take you there.

Additionally, Ramener can use the guidance of someone experienced from the industry who can help them manage their careers, social accounts, representation, releases, and strategy. The biggest advantage they have is of course playing live, but at the same time, we live in the 21st century where you got to learn how to make a difference on the internet. In this case, I would strongly oppose the idea of releasing Dogs with such massive energy without a music video. Being and playing smart isn't always about finance, any band can easily set up a good-looking scene where they will act like playing live, film it with HQ cameras, and send it to a video editor.

When I take all these into account, I'd like to say that I've had a good time listening to Ramener. These gentlemen were born with the necessary nature to become successful in their careers, the rest is all about working hard and making the right moves at the right time.

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Metalhead Community congratulates Ramener for their debut single "Dogs", and wishes them the very best in their future careers. Thank you for reading.



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