Lemmy Kilmister wrote songs for Ozzy Osbourne

Lemmy Kilmister wrote songs for Ozzy Osbourne
Lemmy Kilmister wrote songs for Ozzy Osbourne

Lemmy Kilmister was Rock and Roll icon. Many times he was undervalued by viewers of other bands, but if you pay attention to the way he wrote songs from scratch, it would be understood why Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister was so special.

In addition to being a great composer and an extraordinarily authentic person, Lemmy was the founder of one of the most influential bands of all time, Motorhead. This was a band that marked the beginning of rock stronger, louder, and a little more aggressive, but in such a way that the essence of the work they did as a group was timeless.

Kilmister with his creativity and ingenuity was able to solidify the construction of great musical structures just as he did with the Ace of Spades album. Additionally, the song that bears the same name only had successes, fury, and popularity, as it became a hymn for all fans of Rock, Motorhead, and Lemmy.

Aces of Spades was one of the songs that marked a new point given Lemmy's ingenuity and musical talent. Credit: Alex Mack

With this song it was possible to transmit euphoria and a feeling of nervousness and adrenaline at the same time, as no other composition had been able to achieve. Incorporating diverse card game metaphors, Ace of Spades became the band's best-known song and most performed by other artists.

However, this theme reflects the excesses that people usually have when gambling and that Lemmy himself confessed to having at various stages of his past. On the other hand, it cannot be denied that it has an incomparable rhythm and a rather catchy lyrics that transmits a message, being a moving, fun and amazing song

Lemmy was a true musical genius, being able to transmit endless emotions and an unparalleled adrenaline rush through his songs and his instrument. Credit: Stefan Shumarov

Lemmy was able to connect with the entire audience and other artists in amazing ways

Beyond being one of the three creators of Ace of Spades, Lemmy Kilmister had a unique ability that was an additional factor that made him a legendary artist and a great man. This quality was about the ease of making friends with large numbers of individuals.

It's incredible how many friends Kilmister had around the world, compared to the number of discussions the Mötorhead bassist could start with another music artist, which was almost impossible.

When Ian Kilmister passed away on December 28, 2015, many well-known singers, celebrities and some members of the production staff of various musical groups, confessed to the public light the relationship they had with the bassist.

They all spoke positively about Kilmister's enormous charisma and sense of humor on a daily basis. They even said that despite all the health problems that he already had, he always maintained an optimistic vision about his life.

Lemmy was not only a amazing artist, but also a great man. His charismatic way of being and his good sense of humor made him many friends among them: James Hetfield, Saul Hudson (Slash), Rob Halford, Ozzy Osbourne, etc. Credit: Marilyn McQuilkin

Among all the people who paid tribute to this symbol of Rock and Roll, one stands out above all others. This singer was one of the most shocked with the news of Lemmy's death. This was due to the closeness he guarded with him, considering him as one of her best friends.

Logically this vocalist, cannot be other than Ozzy Osbourne. The Prince of Darkness acknowledged multiple times how grateful he was for the friendship and camaraderie that Lemmy Kilmister offered him on many occasions.

Ozzy Osbourne and Lemmy considered each other best friends, and creativity and a passion for music made this bond possible.

Osbourne knew him better than anyone, knew the way he thought and the immense intelligence Ian had. In fact, he himself confessed that although Lemmy pretended not to be very smart, he was one of the most creative, interesting and knowledgeable men that he has ever had the opportunity to share in his life.

One of the people most affected by Lemmy's death in 2015 was Ozzy Osbourne, who said that after being expelled from Black Sabbath, Lemmy was the one who supported him unconditionally. Credit: Unknown

Additionally, Ozzy narrated the story of their friendship in several interviews after some years of the singer's death. When Osbourne was kicked out of his old band, Black Sabbath, it was the creator of Motorhead who helped him by giving him a great opportunity.

He says Motorhead offered to tour with Osbourne to back up his first solo tour of the United States. This noticeably helped Ozzy's confidence as a solo singer and he could understand that his music career was still pounding.

A curious fact about this tour of America is that it was canceled. The main reason was drugs. Osbourne succumbed in large quantities to his addiction during a multi-day break without concerts, however, he had not realized how bad he looked.

Then Lemmy, who had also been walking the same path, was the one who told him: "F*ck me. I hope I don’t look as bad as you." Coming from Kilmister, who also had problems with these substances, these words meant a very bad physical condition, so Osbourne decided to cancel the rest of his performances for the United States.

Luckily for them, these addictions were not the only thing they had in common. Ozzy Osbourne acknowledged that Lemmy Kilmister wrote several songs for him. This happened when the Birmingham-born singer was working on a new music production creation. This new project was Ozzy's solo album, which was titled "No More Tears."

Although they both suffered from the same alcohol problems, Lemmy helped Ozzy through the bad times, serving as an aid by writing songs for him. In addition to supporting him through his band: Motorhead (Ozzy, Lemmy and Eddie Backstage). Credit: Unknown

Due to the close friendship between the two singers, Osbourne, in the midst of his creative process, thought it was a good idea to integrate Lemmy on the album, but as a collaborator in terms of composition. Because of this, Ozzy went to Kilmister's house, who was watching television when he arrived.

In passing, The Prince of Darkness proposed the idea he had in mind about some songs on the album and asked for help with new ones that Lemmy himself could create from scratch.

Kilmister accepted his request and commented that it might take a few hours to write several songs, so he could come back a little later. Ozzy listened to him and only returned home to himself to continue composing other songs on the album.

When the sun was down, Osbourne returned to Ian's house to find out if he had finished any lyrics. Upon arrival Lemmy had written a few different songs for the great Ozzy Osbourne and for No More Tears. The list was headed by "Mama I'm Coming Home", followed by "I Don't Want to Change the World", "Hellraiser", "Desire", and closing with "See You on the Other Side

The musician's first impression was of the speed he had in writing so many songs in a relatively short time. Although the sensations generated by the rhymes written by Kilmister were also of emotion and passion, since each of them, according to the criteria of Ozzy Osbourne, were "amazing".

Without a doubt, they all have their own perspectives, so an individual analysis would be the best way to understand with better clarity what the songs that Lemmy Kilmister composed for the album "No More Tears" by Ozzy Osbourne are about.

Ozzy clarified that he was not only surprised that Lemmy had immediately agreed to write songs for him, but that the musical genius managed to write songs in a very short time. Credit: Unknown

Mama I'm coming home

In 1991, this issue came up with the title that has been mentioned on previous occasions. The lyrics were written by Lemmy Kilmister and only by him. This song means a lot to Ozzy Osbourne as it reflects a feeling of love for his wife Sharon Osbourne.

However, this is not all that makes “Mama I'm Coming Home” so special, as Kilmister's source of inspiration is from a true story. This phrase with which the song is named, is what Ozzy said to his wife on the phone when his tour with Mötorhead was already ending. On one occasion Lemmy heard this, and it only lacked that Osbourne asked him to write a song to integrate this very sentimental habit of the singer.

As for the music, Zakk Wylde helped him to realize the melodies that Ozzy had in his head as simple sketches for a long time. Thus was born "Mama I'm Coming Home", a dedication for Osbourne's wife, written by Kilmister.

"Mama I'm Coming Home" is a song dedicated to the love of Ozzy Osbourne's life: Sharon, which was written by Lemmy himself. Credit: Unknown

I don't want to change the world

In this case, it is a creation that has been a point of view that both artists had in common. It is based on the discontent that Ozzy and Lemmy presented in front of the Catholic religion in which many believe. Furthermore, it is also a criticism of the principle that the Holy Church is the only way to salvation and forgiveness of sins committed during a person's life.

On the other hand, it calls into question the assumption that God knows everything about all people and that no person knows anything about him except his name and everything that, according to the church, he does for us. I don't want to change the world is a song that, as its title makes quite clear, presents a desire not to intervene in the course of society but that the world does not interfere in the life of Ozzy and / or Lemmy.

Ozzy indicated that "I don't want to change the world" was one of the songs that Lemmy wrote for him at the time. It was full of criticism of the church, and how it sought to meddle in people's lives by considering them sinners. Credit: Unknown


Again Zakk Wylde is once again in charge of giving melody to the song composed for Ozzy Osbourne by Lemmy Kilmister. This time, it is about the world of Rock and Roll in general, the concerts and the excesses that many artists can have.

Also, "Hellraiser" as a song was the perfect way to express how many singers, drummers, bassists, guitarists or any member of a band felt when they were touring various cities in such a short time. The feeling that life will never end from this point of view, is one of the themes that makes Hellraiser more emphatic.

It should be noted that after it was released by Osbourne in 1991, Lemmy with Motorhead also made his own version. By incorporating new guitar chords and other instruments, he was able to transform the success of No More Tears in a more savage and aggressive way, demonstrating that the lyrics could adapt to two different styles.


This time, the song composed by Kilmister was not published in No More Tears, it was released in 1993 for Osbourne's album titled "Live and Loud".

Desire tells of the gigantic desire of someone who wants to succeed in life, in music and as a person. In this way, nothing and no one can stop him no matter what happens, since the conviction and passion to achieve the objective that was set from the beginning are stronger than any obstacle.

See you on the other side

Like "See you on the Other Side" was released in 1995 for Ozzmosis, but it was part of the songs Lemmy composed for Osbourne and No More Tears in 1991.

"See you on the other side" deals mainly with the subject of death without necessarily naming it directly. Adding in addition, the pain that a person can feel when someone close to them dies so suddenly. Loneliness, crying, memories and the need to speak, see or feel the one who is no longer there; that's what this song is about.

The way in which Lemmy knew how to express all the sensations that can be experienced during the loss of someone loved, is incomparable and quite peculiar. In fact, it would have been interesting to know the singer's source of inspiration, since it reflects a tragic story and an excellent song to honor someone who is no longer there.

For this reason, all these songs that Lemmy wrote for Ozzy, left him more than rhymes or great successes. These creations are Kilmister's legacy for his best friend, the most meaningful treasure that Osbourne will keep to honor Ian.

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