Vannon - I Come to Destroy - Song Review - Sludge Metal from Oakland, California, USA

Vannon - I Come to Destroy - Song Review - Sludge Metal from Oakland, California, USA
Vannon - I Come to Destroy - Song Review - Sludge Metal from Oakland, California, USA. Metalhead Community Magazine.

Today we are featuring the promising sludge metal band, Vannon, from Oakland, California, USA with I Come to Destroy, the 12 minutes long closing track of their debut album Desert of Our Dreams.

As some of our readers might remember, we have featured Vannon with their debut album, Desert Of Our Dreams review on the first month of its release. I believe the ending track of their debut album, I Come to Destroy, is one of the highlighting moments of Desert Of Our Dreams, and I've got a few valid reasons; this song should mean a lot for the band, the amount of effort in the making, and of course, its 12 minutes long composition.

The debut album of these American gentlemen has a strong association with the 90s, where you hear the finest parts from 90s Metallica and Pantera, as well as strong nostalgic vibes from the leaders of rock. In fact, if you think about starting a professional career by releasing a long-play album instead of singles show nothing but following the path of these pioneering bands, the way they did things for respect. I remember being positive about Vannon since the first time I listened to their music, and haven't changed my mind ever since.

I Come to Destroy, gives us additional information about Vannon's melodic side with heavy progressive rock influences. First of all, listening to this song carefully made me think of three bands, in particular, Pink Floyd, Scorpions, and The Queen. First of all, the composition has similarities with Pink Floyd's approach in The Wall album, progressive and catchy. It takes the listener on a long journey with cinematic, post-rock, and atmospheric elements.

On the other hand, I hear the characteristics of many great rock and metal vocalists in Vannon's vocal repertoire, and I Come to Destroy is where we mainly hear Klaus Meine of Scorpions above everyone else. Their lead vocalist, Max Hodes, has a fantastic voice along with the necessary quality to it to make it happen. His contribution has credit for their success so far.

Moreover, I was happy to hear a section where Vannon reminded their listeners of their true origins, one of the important characteristics of this band. The song, in fact, mainly formed with post-rock elements, immediately leaving its mark in listeners' memory. However, these just weren't good enough for the band, they have rather decided to add their character not only sonically but also as a section in the composition, where we hear their heaviest side.

Vannon shared on social media with a message; "Vannon and our minions wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas/Happy Holiday and a Blessed New Year. 2022 is ours, friends! The journey is just starting. Photo by @fayesayphoto"

Although I was fully satisfied when I first listened to the Desert of Our Dreams album, I realized more about it as I continued listening to Monsters of Metal Underground Spotify Playlist. I personally don't compare music, still believe that Desert of Our Dreams is a fantastic debut album with not the greatest, but satisfying technical standards.

When I take all these into account, I'd like to say that I have had a great time listening to I Come to Destroy, a fine combination of 90s nostalgia, Pink Floyd & The Queen influences, progressive composition, traditional sound character, and sludge metal / post rock instrumentation.

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In conclusion, Metalhead Community Team congratulates Vannon for their assertive song I Come to Destroy, and wishes them the very best in their future careers. Thank you for reading.


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