Too Much Said The Nature - Grey Part 1 - Album Review - Ambient Black Metal from Sydänmaa, Finland

Too Much Said The Nature - Grey Part 1 - Album Review - Ambient Black Metal from Sydänmaa, Finland

Today we are featuring a promising ambient black metal band, Too Much Said The Nature, from Sydänmaa, Finland, with, “Grey Part 1”, their debut EP album.

Too Much Said The Nature is a one-man project who just started a new ambient black metal journey under this name, collaborating with guest vocalists on each song on their debut EP, Grey Part 1. I usually prefer to address such projects as a band cause of the music form being performed.

I gave Grey Part 1 a listen more than a few times before writing my review and I believe it has the necessary foundations in its musical blend to carry this project to the future. Traditional black metal influences play the main role, accompanied by dark post-metal and ambient metal elements, dynamic compositions, where the focus is on the general vibe of the album. Although I have never been a black metal guy myself, I can easily say that Grey Part 1 musically doesn't have the dullness of the early black metal. Apparently, Too Much Said The Nature wanted to keep everything as simple as possible on this album, but making the difference with its tempo changes and dynamics.

All songs have a similar feeling as they also differ with their subjects, where you get to feel the same thing from their musicality. Structures are quite linear, journeys don't offer anything surprising, instruments never leave the small circle of the album concept, simply taking the listener directly from point A to point B.

Vocals, on the other hand, deserve all the respect in the world, leaving aside the fifth track Closure, where we get to hear a female vocalist with melodic vocal lines unlike the rest of the album. I am quite positive about the outcome in general, the decision of experimenting or challenging yourself instead of repeating the same idea in every single song makes perfect sense. We mustn't forget the fact that Too Much Said The Nature is a new band and Grey Part 1 is only their debut release so far.

As for the compositions, Grey Part 1 offers dynamic stories with linear storytelling. Almost all songs have ambient/post-metal elements blended flawlessly with the origins of this music, adding ambient value to it. The main element in the instrumentation is guitars, accompanied by fantastic drum partitions and very limited keyboard partitions which played a game changer role in the outcome. In my view, keys and pads changed the entire picture of the album, separating it from the rest of the genre.

What I liked the most about this album was the overall concept, dark vibes, fantastic vocalists and their performances, the headroom in the recording, ambiance, drummer's performance, and the keyboard partitions.

On the other side of the coin, Grey Part 1 musically has a narrow circle as I mentioned above, which can sound insufficient enough for listeners. When you hear such a good blend with such origins, you naturally expect more of it. Listening to this album for the first time was a great pleasure for me, yet I must also admit that I don't know If I would come back to it anytime again, mainly because of its limited resources in terms of musicality.

Additionally, Grey Part 1 has reminded me of Crystal Coffin's Shapeshifter Huntsman, the song which lead us to discover our Top Metal Album of 2021. Grey Part 1 has similarities with Shapeshifter Huntsman, except Crystal Coffin combines the same origins with additional sludge and psychedelic elements. This is just my subjective opinion which doesn't make Grey Part 1 any less worthy.

When I take all these into account, I'd like to say that I've had a good time listening to Too Much Said The Nature. Their debut album Grey Part 1 gave us the right impression about this band and I am interested to hear to which direction their music will evolve in the future.

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Metalhead Community congratulates Too Much Said The Nature for their debut album "Grey Part 1", and wishes them the very best in their future careers. Thank you for reading.



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