Crystal Coffin – The Starway Eternal – Album Review – Stoner Death Metal from Vancouver, Canada – Top Metal Album of 2021 by Metalhead Community

Today we are featuring a promising stoner death metal band, Crystal Coffin, based in Vancouver, Canada, and they are with us with their second long-play album, The Starway Eternal, along with its character, style, story, potential, and more.

Crystal Coffin‘s new album The Starway Eternal came out on 10 October 2021, and you might be familiar with my discovery of these fine gentlemen, as I have featured here with their latest single; Ride Through the Night. Since then, they are always somewhere in my mind even though I don’t listen to their record that often, mostly because of my daily work where I listen to dozens of new songs every day. However, whenever I think of our upcoming project, “Most Impressive Metal Band Discoveries Part: I“, Crystal Coffin is always there.

I have never been a black metal person, doesn’t matter how many different successful examples I listened to. Crystal Coffin is definitely one of those significant names who can really become a gateway band to this music, as they did for me. First of all, you hear fantastic old-school black metal here guys. This is one of the best sounding, pure black metal sound. Absolutely fantastic! Additionally, while being faithful to their origins, Crystal Coffin made the actual magic here with their additional influences such as progressive metal, death metal, and stoner/sludge metal. Honestly, this blew me away. I have never heard of this powerful blend for a very very long time. The last time I was blown away like this was when I first discovered Opeth. And Crystal Coffin is giving me the right signals in that path.

The Starway Eternal has raw Scandinavian Black Metal origins with the best sides of Mastodon to me, in the briefest way. I loved the way Crystal Coffin creates this black metal energy in their every single song, then surprises the listener with their instrumentation and compositions. This was the most crucial reason for me to write so highly about them. Every single black metal album sounded boring to me after listening to it for some time, but here, imagine Burzum playing some Mastodon songs in their own way, and that’s never been done this good before.


Technically, I feel like this album can become a classic in time. It is that good ladies and gentlemen. I just sent the album opener track; Shapeshifter Huntsman, to my bandmates for them to listen to the mix carefully. The album sound has a huge credit on this successful outcome as a fact.

When I take all these into account, I’d like to say that Crystal Coffin has a new fan. I am delighted with this discovery, and Metalhead Community will support them in their careers no matter what.

SHAPESHIFTER HUNTSMAN earned its place in our “

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Crystal Coffin – The Starway Eternal Album Review


In conclusion, Metalhead Community Team congratulates Crystal Coffin for their exceptional album The Starway Eternal, and wishes them the very best in their future careers. Thank you for reading.



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The Starway Eternal Album Review

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