Tom Araya Statue in Ukraine

Tom Araya Statue in Ukraine
Tom Araya Statue in Ukraine

Slayer lovers have a new (or not so new) idol, this applies to those who visit the Zoo of Ukraine Months XII, located in the town of Demidov.

It has always been known that in Ukraine there are a large number of fans of Slayer and Tom Araya, the vocalist, and bassist of the legendary thrash metal band. Slayer's fame has traveled all corners of the earth, so it was expected that sooner or later some of his followers would pay tribute to one of its members, but not many expected to see the statue of Tom Araya in a place like this.

The statue of the Slayer's member has become a real attraction for the zoo. Credit of the pic: Getty

The zoo 12 months of the population Demidov was the place chosen to raise this statue as a tribute to the famous band and especially its vocalist and leader

The creator of this statue decided to place it in an unexpected place, but definitely busy, so for some time the figure of Tom has been present at the zoo 12 Months in Demidov.

The placement of the statue was made known through a vague statement from the zoo, where they indicated that from that moment it would be part of the structure. Visitors will now be free to observe the vocalist of Chilean origin each time they visit the zoo.

The reasons why this work was done are completely a mystery, but surely the members who participated in the creation of the statue should enjoy good music

So far the reasons why the statue was placed in that place are completely unknown, since the artist himself did not present an argument that contained a good explanation; He only expressed his real wish that Tom himself would visit Ukraine in order to evaluate the creation of this artist.

The creator of the statue did not give reasons why he made the statue or why he placed it in the zoo. However, he would love to know Tom's opinion about it. Credit of the pic: Getty

For a long time, Tom Araya did not demonstrate on this subject, so the artist's opinion on the initiative that this artist had to immortalize him at the zoo in Ukraine was unknown

It is known artist who decided to capture Tom in one of his typical poses, contacted the band to request permission to materialize the work that was designed for some time. It is also known that the artist did not participate only in this tribute, but that members of the same zoo had an important role in the unusual tribute that they decided to pay to Araya.

Through a statement on their official Facebook account, the park members spoke about the culmination of the project in tribute to Slayer's vocalist. In that statement they indicated that they could officially say that their work on this work had culminated, or at least it had been considered by all participants. They also indicated and invited the entire community to thoroughly evaluate this work as soon as they visit the zoo and children's farm “12 Months”.

The completed work done by members of the zoo was quickly sent to Tom's official website so he could evaluate it and indicate what his impressions would be about it.

A fragment of the Bridge from the song "Dead Skin Mask" is placed at the foot of the statue in honor of Tom. Credit of the pic: Getty

Sandra Araya was the first to decide on the work that involved the image of her husband

The first person directly related to the band that spoke about the statue created as a tribute to Tom was his wife, Sandra Araya, who was really grateful to the initiative that the members of the zoo had and also indicated that was really delighted with the work.

The work team indicated that trying to faithfully recreate the image of Tom Araya was not such a simple task, especially when they were in the elaboration of the upper part of the statue; This is because they decided that the image would have the most up-to-date look of the artist, and apparently his incipient beard gave a little more work than the rest of the details.

The first to give her opinion on the statue was Tom's wife, the famous Sandra Araya. Credits of the pic: Unknown

In the work it can be clearly seen that the participants wanted to take care of even the smallest detail

Tom can be seen in the statue in a fairly comfortable pose, as if he were playing his bass guitar which, of course, is also in his hands. The vocalist is in front of the microphone performing a song, and, according to the legend that comes in the company of the statue, this song would be "Dead Skin Mask".

Behind the figure of the vocalist is the logo of the band placed on a huge rock, this is how it complements the scene of this creative tribute that the zoo had the opportunity to dedicate not only to Tom and the band, but also to all fans who reside or visit the country.

On the back of the statue's rock, you can clearly see the great amount of detail that the artist put into his work.Credit of the Pic:

After many months, Tom Araya decided to pronounce on the work

If you look closely at the work, you can see the level of commitment of those involved. These wanted to accurately represent even the smallest detail, so much so that the statue has even the tattoos that Tom has. After a few months since the opening of this attraction for rock lovers, Tom Araya gave some statements regarding the tribute that the members of the zoo made for him.

He indicated that the author of the work has been in contact with his wife through Facebook and that she has communicated some of the messages that the creator of the statue had for him, for example, he wanted to know if he considered that the work was good, to which he replied that "he supposed so", but then he looked at it carefully and commented that they had been quite careful about all the details and that they had recreated the figure as faithfully as possible.

Upon learning of his statue, Tom could only laugh and say that he "guessed it was okay." However, he also said that he thought it was pretty cool and would like to visit it in the future. Credit of the pic: Diffusion

The author invited the artist to approach Ukraine so that he could see more closely the work they did for him, however he said that although he wanted to visit the zoo and observe his statue, it was not the most ideal time to be in that nation. Even so, the creators of the statue do not rule out that in the near future Tom can find himself in front of the work.

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