Jeff Hanneman, Remembering the Iconic Slayer Guitarist 10 Years After His Death

Jeff Hanneman, Remembering the Iconic Slayer Guitarist 10 Years After His Death
Jeff Hanneman, Remembering the Iconic Slayer Guitarist 10 Years After His Death - Metalhead Community Magazine.

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the passing of Jeff Hanneman, the legendary guitarist and co-founder of Slayer. Hanneman's influence on the world of metal is immeasurable, and his riffs continue to inspire and energize metalheads around the world to this day.

This early photo captures the raw energy of Slayer in their formative years. Photo credit: Unknown

Born on January 31, 1964, in Oakland, California, Hanneman grew up listening to a diverse range of music, from punk rock to classic rock to metal. It was his love of punk that would ultimately lead him to form Slayer with fellow guitarist Kerry King in 1981. The band quickly made a name for themselves with their thrash metal sound and lyrics that explored taboo subjects like death, war, and Satanism.

Hanneman's guitar playing was a force to be reckoned with, characterized by lightning-fast riffs, complex solos, and a raw, aggressive tone. He co-wrote some of Slayer's most iconic songs, including "Angel of Death," "Raining Blood," and "South of Heaven," all of which have become staples of the metal genre.

Kerry King, Jeff Hanneman, and Tom Araya hold the iconic 'Reign in Blood' album in this classic photo. Photo credit: Iconicpix

Despite his immense talent, Hanneman remained a private person and rarely gave interviews or made public appearances. He preferred to let his music speak for itself, and it spoke volumes. His legacy lives on through the countless metal bands and fans who continue to be inspired by his music.

"I like playing guitar, I don't like talking about it. I like writing riffs, I don't like explaining them." - Jeff Hanneman (RIP)

Tragically, Hanneman passed away on May 2, 2013, at the age of 49, due to liver failure. His death was a devastating loss for the metal community, but his music lives on, and his impact on the genre cannot be overstated.

In honor of Jeff Hanneman's life and legacy, let's take a moment to remember some of the incredible facts and achievements of his career:

  • Hanneman was a founding member of Slayer, along with Kerry King.
  • He co-wrote many of the band's most iconic songs, including "Angel of Death," "Raining Blood," and "South of Heaven."
  • Hanneman was heavily influenced by punk rock, which can be heard in Slayer's music.
  • He was a skilled guitarist known for his lightning-fast riffs and complex solos.
  • Hanneman was a huge fan of horror movies, which influenced many of Slayer's lyrics and imagery.
  • He won multiple Grammy awards with Slayer in recognition of his contributions to the band's music.
  • Hanneman battled health issues in his later years, including necrotizing fasciitis, a flesh-eating disease, which ultimately contributed to his passing.
  • Hanneman's music continues to inspire metalheads around the world and is a testament to his incredible talent and passion for the genre.
  • His legacy as a thrash metal icon is secure, and his impact on the world of metal will continue to be felt for generations to come.
Dave Lombardo, Tom Araya, Jeff Hanneman, Kerry King. Photo Credit: Unknown

Jeff Hanneman was an exceptional talent and a true pioneer of thrash metal. His legacy lives on through his incredible music, which continues to inspire and influence countless metalheads around the world. As we mark the 10th anniversary of his passing, let us take a moment to reflect on his contributions to the genre and the impact he had on the music world as a whole. We honor his life and legacy and recognize the profound impact he had on the world of metal. Rest in power, Jeff Hanneman.

Here's another rare photo of Slayer during their prime years. Photo Credit: Unknown

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