Thorslund - Firecracker Man - Song Review - 80s Classic Rock from Los Angeles, California, USA

Thorslund - Firecracker Man - Song Review - 80s Classic Rock from Los Angeles, California, USA

Today we are featuring a promising classic rock band, Thorslund, from Los Angeles, California, USA, with, “Firecracker Man”, their debut single.

Thorslund is a Canadian-American classic rock band, the new project of two brothers; Jeff Thorslund (vocals, guitar, bass guitar) and Tom Thorslund (drums, backing vocals). All my life I looked at bands that involved two brothers such as Gojira, Pantera, Thorslund, and couldn't help myself but feel a little bit jealous even though I am the only child in my family. After listening to their only song, Firecracker Man, these Canadian/American gentlemen gave me the feeling that they are born with the classic rock spirit they need to make this project work.

Although I have never been a big classic rock fan myself, I am aware of the fact that bands such as ACDC, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, and The Beatles are the pioneers of everything we currently have in rock and metal music, which also means, I wouldn't be here doing what I do if it wasn't for them. The collective came to my attention with their electrifying song Firecracker Man, which had enough for me to understand what these gentlemen are capable of.

First of all, the Canadian American band has a bullet-proof sound and spirit in their music, where we shouldn't forget the fact that Firecracker Man is only their debut single. Having such world-class standards in your music at the very beginning of your career is quite admirable, deserve all the respect there is for their professionalism.

Firecracker Man is a fascinating classic rock song with heavy 80s rock influences in its origins, accompanied by massive natural-sounding guitars, mesmerizing energy level, fantastic dynamics, and the necessary rock and roll spirit. The reason why I keep repeating "rock and roll spirit" was because I believe it's something that one cannot fake, you either have it or not. And these brothers are one of the good examples of it.

Tom Thorslund (drums, backing vocals)

On the other side of the coin, I guess there's only one thing that can be said about Thorslund as a "criticism". If I were the third Thorslund brother playing together with these lads in one band, I'd tell them not even consider releasing such a fantastic song without a music video. The truth is, we live in the 21st century where Instagram girls become billionaires by selling farts in a jar. We all have to be smarter when it comes to using available tools handed to us such as the internet. All bands have to play by the rules of this game to get themselves signed as soon as possible in order to continue their lives as respected artists. Otherwise, we all know how it ends. Just friendly advice.

Jeff Thorslund (vocals, guitar, bass guitar)

When I take all these into account, I'd like to say that I've had a great time listening to Thorslund. I already liked the band because of the feeling they gave me through their music, their image, social accounts, attitude, and everything. Hoping to see them play at big festivals someday!

Firecracker Man earned its place in our "The Next Big Thing In Rock" playlist on Spotify!

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Metalhead Community congratulates Thorslund for their debut single "Firecracker Man", and wishes them the very best in their future careers. Thank you for reading.


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