Gojira – Fortitude Album Review

Today we are featuring one of the most iconic metal bands of our era, GOJIRA, with their ninth studio album, FORTITUDE.

Today I am here writing about the new album, a long-awaited album of one of the most respected metal bands of our era, Gojira. They have done quite a fantastic job so far in their careers, always been one step further than any other band except Mastodon for me. I see these two genre setters as fine examples of metal after the 2000s.

I have heard of Gojira many years ago with L’enfant Sauvage for the first timefrom the screenshot picture of James Hetfield. He simply introduced me to GOJIRA, and I am very grateful for their inspiration, music, and the quality they bring to our world. Today is the 26th of April, and I had the chance to listen to their only five released songs that I write in the first chapter of this review; Another WorldBorn For One ThingAmazoniaInto the Storm, and The Chant.

This is a new album of a band who has defined a very iconic sound through the years, blended death metal vocals with punchy guitar riffs, the necessary attitude, musicality, and the technicality. Gojira is one of the most iconic figures in Death Metal. Period. Fortitude, in this way, had gotta be, in my eyes, showing us something that never happened before. I am aware that this is quite a high bar to set after all these years. They have already done many classics that they can tour with until the end of their careers. Yet, these things didn’t change the rules of the game for Fortitude in my eyes.

I thought about the order they started releasing these songs. We are all used to hearing the most hit song first, in many cases, through metal history, for instance, Enter Sandman from Metallica‘s classic Black album (1991), or Stranded from Gojira‘s classic, Magma (2016). Surprisingly, Gojira debuted Fortitude with their melodic yet signature song, Another World, which immediately reminded me of one of their classics, Born in Winter. The song came out with a mind-blowing animation movie, ending with a scene that is exactly what we expect to see from people like these french gentlemen. These guys are one of the most genre definer bands of the 21st century without debate.

Afterwards, it was a song called, Born For One Thing, a Gojira classic. The song is full of energy, has a cinematic movie, taking part in a museum. I personally loved the overall taste this song leaves in your memory, yet I always felt something missing that will immediately take this song to Top Gojira Songs level. The level of aggression in this song is more than satisfying, and I know they wanted to keep everything as simple and punchy as possible. I respect that.

The next release in their catalog was a thematic one called Amazonia (probably this melody is going to become one of the most recognizable riffs). I watched them play some Sepultura in some of their shows before, and I immediately thought that this song might be their gratitude for Sepultura’s influence on their musical foundation, which is a classy move. We are also planning to do the same with my band, Lostpray, for the Godfather of Death Metal, Chuck Schuldiner (Death). This move certainly has respect points in my book, and Gojira deserves it all.

The fourth release in the plan was a song that combined both melodic and technical Gojira, Into the Storm. A fantastic groove begins and gallops until the chorus part, yet never losing the tension until the end. The song is dynamically fantastic, and the energy is simply irresistible.

The last released song before the actual album release was another thematic song, The Chant. Honestly, this one touched me the least. I read some comments cause I wasn’t sure of the negativity inside me after listening to it a few times, and now agree with what everybody thinks about this song, for instance;

“Not gonna lie, thousands of people singing to this would actually be awesome live”
James Brewer

 (Youtube Comment)

Fortitude is one of the finest metal albums of our era without hesitation, and this is primarily because of Gojira’s musical character. It has become so solid, so iconic through the years; whenever I hear them playing, it immediately makes me feel like this cannot be a bad song for sure. Today is the 30th of April, and I continue my review from here on the second part. As you can also understand with my first sentence here in this paragraph, I am getting sure of what I feel about this album. I loved every single thing here except one thing, that I still think this is not the best Gojira album of all time. My all-time favorite album is one of the examples of Progressive Death Metal, “L’Enfant Sauvage,” which has its place between bands like OPETH and the pioneers of Death Metal, DEATH albums.

Technically, Fortitude has top-class standards with a flaw. This is the best-sounding, punchiest shit I have heard for some time, and it didn’t surprise that it came from Gojira. They are not at this level without reason. There are so many great bands, established or underground, and they make solid albums as well, yet Gojira has a special place in the eyes of the Metalhead Community cause we have gigantic respect for them for still being together as a band, keeping it super humble, and of course for being loyal to their sound!

The flaw that I mentioned above was about the volume level of vocals in the mix. Joe Duplantier is one of the most melodic and iconic names in the death metal scene with his voice. He is a magician, got the finest potential, and uses it in a unique way. I don’t think any Gojira fan had any problem with his vocals all these years; on the contrary, we lose our shit anytime his vocals kick in. In Fortitude, the band has experimented with a tighter sound, which is bullet-proof without hesitation. However, they also wanted to take Joe’s iconic vocal mix to the next level, which is totally understandable. I mean, why not? Gojira is improving themselves every time they make a record, and that’s a fact. Yet this time, the volume level of vocals was lower than any other albums, and I still couldn’t get used to it. 

When I take all these into account, I’d like to say that it’s just fantastic listening to a new Gojira album. Now looking forward to seeing them playing it live!

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In conclusion, Metalhead Community Team congratulates GOJIRA for their new album, FORTITUDE and wishes them the very best in their future careers. Thank you for reading.

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