The Mummy Cats – Wolverine Song Review

Today we are featuring an indie rock band, The Mummy Cats, from Nashville, the USA. We have reviewed their fascinating debut single, Wolverine, along with its character, style, story, potential, and more.

The Mummy Cats is an up-and-coming indie rock band I discovered two weeks ago with their debut single, Wolverine, released as a single on June 19, 2021. Now, please give the song a listen while reading the rest of the article.

Today, we are featuring an exciting project founded by James Cox in 2018, after finding a dead and mummified cat in his basement. The extraordinary scene we usually see happening in movies led to leaving its mark in their history by naming their music project afterward. I personally believe the existence of an invisible hand interferes in our lives in some ways, and we only understand this by looking back years after the incident.

As I always do, I gave their debut single, Wolverine a listen more than a few times before writing my article, and only then it made sense to me that these gentlemen formed up their spiritual band some time ago. My first impression of this young band is very positive. First of all, the band has got an established music blend, a flavor in their music that we don’t usually expect to hear from new bands. Believe me, these young gentlemen from Nashville are not just another rock band out there, on the contrary, Wolverine might be one of the most promising debuts I have heard for some time.

When I think about the song in general, I can easily say that I am very fascinated by their approach. The band has the necessary origins in their music already with their debut song. It sounds so mature in so many ways, it is quite surprising to see that this is just the first released music of The Mummy Cats.

On the other hand, I personally think that collectives who have got something extraordinary made a difference in history just like Guns N’RosesMetallicaACDCMotley Crue, and etc… They’ve all had something that none of the members alone could even imagine, and we can understand that by looking back at their careers. In The Mummy Cats’ case, I sensed something close to this. Wolverine is not an innovative song where they make a difference with anything trendy such as their technicality, advanced musicianship, or anything else. They have an understanding of music that is close to the standards of established bands with its approach, structure, blend, ideas, and production. Believe it or not, this isn’t something we see happening very often, especially in our era.

Long story short, the band has blended pop-rock influences from the 80s and processed them in the modern era’s sound. Wolverine has fantastic dynamics, energy, and addictive vibes all along the way which immediately pulls you into its magical world. However, the interesting thing is, only two separate things came into my mind when I listened to the song for the first time, “David Bowie”, and “Until It Sleeps” by Metallica. These two names have got two qualities in common, first, artistic value, and secondly, they both worked with the legendary American visual artist, cinematographer, and commercial, music video, and film director Samuel Bayer.


The technical side of the work is one of the qualities of The Mummy Cats. Wolverine is like the 21st century sound of traditional artistic rock with a radio-friendly build and cinematic approach. The Mummy Cats has already proved so many things here to us with their work. I am not sure who produced this song, but I can say that he has done a fantastic job by giving life to such an amazing timeless song.

When I take all these into account, I’d like to say that I am impressed by The Mummy Cats. They deserve acceptance and recognition by the rock industry without hesitation, and I am sure they will get there in no time if only they maintain their standards and keep on making music.

WOLVERINE has earned its place in our TOP ROCK SONGS PLAYLIST on Spotify!

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In conclusion, Metalhead Community Team congratulates The Mummy Cats for their amazing debut, Wolverine, and wishes them the very best in their future careers. Thank you for reading.

The Mummy Cats – Wolverine Song Review