Superdiesel - Elevate - Album Review - Commercial Rock from Helsinki, Finland

Superdiesel - Elevate - Album Review - Commercial Rock from Helsinki, Finland
Superdiesel - Elevate - Album Review - Commercial Rock from Helsinki, Finland

Today, we are excited to feature Superdiesel, an exciting commercial hard rock band hailing from Helsinki, Finland, and their powerful debut album 'Elevate.' Join us as we delve into the dynamic sound, captivating melodies, and commercial appeal of this impressive release.

Superdiesel - My Time Is Over Now (Official Music Video). Music video by: Daniel Jakobsson

Superdiesel is a promising hard rock band I discovered through Metalhead Community Submissions approximately three weeks ago, with their debut album 'Elevate' released in 2019. 'Elevate' stands out as one of the standout hard rock albums of that year, showcasing phenomenal sound, captivating melodies, and undeniable commercial value. The release of a debut album of this caliber signifies the band's unwavering determination and commitment to their craft. Both musically and technically, 'Elevate' boasts exceptional standards.

The songs on this album are structured around deliciously traditional hard and commercial rock elements, featuring highly catchy vocal melodies. In fact, it's not just the vocal melodies that are incredibly hooky; the entire album carries an infectious quality. Interestingly, the music brought to mind the style, songwriting approach, and production of Nickelback. There are several similarities between the two bands, showcasing Superdiesel's ability to create music that is easy-going, mainstream, and memorable. While the compositions may not be overly complex or surprising, the melodies effortlessly embed themselves in your mind. In this regard, 'Elevate' sets itself apart with its exceptional sound quality, akin to Nickelback's consistent pursuit of sonic excellence. It wouldn't be surprising if this album opens many doors for Superdiesel, as it perfectly exemplifies the commercial appeal the industry seeks. It's important to note that this observation should not be construed as a negative; every product holds value, and 'Elevate' is poised to find its rightful place over time.

Superdiesel, performing live on stage. Credit: Unknown

As previously mentioned, 'Elevate' boasts top-class technical standards. It is, without a doubt, one of the best-sounding hard rock albums in recent memory. The production is exceptional, delivering a clean, clear, natural, and powerful sound. The album's balance, polish, and overall production quality are commendable, leaving no room for anyone to question its sonic prowess. Personally, I was captivated by the band's sound. Superdiesel has crafted a bullet-proof album that stands up to the giants of the genre.

Taking all these factors into account, 'Elevate' stands as a phenomenal debut album from an up-and-coming band. It showcases Superdiesel's ability to make a difference in the music scene, demonstrating their professionalism, determination, and passion for their craft. The album's magnificent commercial value further adds to its appeal.

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Superdiesel, band photo. Credit: Unknown

In conclusion, the Metalhead Community Team extends its congratulations to Superdiesel for their groundbreaking debut album 'Elevate.' We wish them continued success in their musical journey. Thanks for reading.

Superdiesel, Elevate (2019) album front cover artwork. Credit: Unknown


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