Skore - Dark Twin - Song Review - Progressive Sludge Rock from Szeged, Hungary

Skore - Dark Twin - Song Review - Progressive Sludge Rock from Szeged, Hungary
Skore - Dark Twin - Song Review - Progressive Sludge Rock from Szeged, Hungary

Today, we have the pleasure of featuring another promising band in the realm of progressive sludge rock: Skore, hailing from Szeged, Hungary. Their latest song, 'Dark Twin,' takes center stage.

SKORE - Dark Twin (OFFICIAL LYRICS VIDEO). Track: 6. Missing Chapter LP 2017. Recorded at Miracle Sound Studio, Szeged, Hungary. Mixed, mastered by Gabor Vari. Artwork: Gergo Rivasz.

Skore is a truly promising progressive rock band that caught my attention through Metalhead Community Submissions. Their song, 'Dark Twin,' is featured on their latest release, 'Missing Chapter,' which came out in 2017. This group of Hungarian musicians excels at crafting a beautiful blend of progressive rock, drawing influences from various corners of the genre. Upon listening, I can detect shades of Opeth, Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree, and other notable influences. However, what makes Skore stand out is their ability to create a unique sound and style rather than simply imitating their predecessors.

'Dark Twin' is a composition of remarkable complexity, stretching over nearly 9 minutes. It weaves a captivating tale encompassing both the good and the ugly aspects of life. As a devoted fan of progressive music, I can confidently say that not everyone can create compositions as intricate as this. Skore exhibits great potential through their ideas, decision-making, composition skills, and musicianship. Releasing three successful albums, including singles, demonstrates their determination and hard work, earning them our utmost respect and admiration.

In situations like these, I firmly believe in focusing on the positive aspects. After all, understanding one's strengths and weaknesses is crucial. However, I must mention an area that could benefit from further refinement, not as a negative critique but as a constructive observation: the overall mood of the song. Skore possesses an abundance of amazing ideas, riffs, melodies, solos, and more. However, the cohesion of these elements seems to be lacking. 'Dark Twin' incorporates contrasting moods and frequencies that hinder the overall impact. While certain sections build a specific feeling, subsequent parts redirect it, resulting in a lack of coherence.

Skore, performing live on stage. Credit: Unknown

Technically, 'Dark Twin' demonstrates above-average standards. The engineering is particularly impressive, though the same cannot be said for the mixing and mastering. While the sound is clean, clear, and balanced, it falls short in terms of loudness, impact, and tension. The song remains enjoyable, but it lacks the power it deserves. Nevertheless, I have no further negative points to address.

Considering these aspects, Skore undeniably possesses significant potential in their craft. As they navigate the early stages of their career, I am confident they will address their weaknesses, further develop their sound and style, and return with something even more compelling. I genuinely enjoyed listening to 'Dark Twin' and highly recommend it to all progressive rock enthusiasts.

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Skore, band photo. Credit: Unknown

In conclusion, we, the Metalhead Community Team, extend our heartfelt congratulations to Skore for their outstanding work on 'Dark Twin.' We wish them continued success and growth in their future endeavors. Thank you for reading.

Skore, Missing Chapter (2019) album front cover artwork. Art Credit: Unknown

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