Siriun - Encoded Inception - Song Review - Contemporary Death Metal from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Siriun - Encoded Inception - Song Review - Contemporary Death Metal from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

On this dark Monday morning, the first of December 2023, I find myself in my office, writing as I listen to one of Brazil’s most promising metal actsSiriun, hailing from Rio de Janeiro. Today, I'll be reviewing their latest single, 'Encoded Inception,' which saw the light of day on October 31st, 2023.

Siriun - Encoded Inception [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Credits:Created by Malachi CullEdited by Malachi Cull and Felipe SalesCamera and direction by Samyr NovelliProduction Assistants: Vinicius 'Sick' Behring and Bernardo TavaresThanks to BMX Eventos

My first encounter with Siriun was back in May 2020 when I featured them on Metalhead Community with a song review of 'Mass Control.' Since then, the band has remained in my memory for their Brazilian origins, even though they don't necessarily incorporate local influences into their musical language. Both technically and musically, these gentlemen specialize in crafting some of the tightest metal soundscapes, and I was reassured after reading Cristian Stozek's comment on their Youtube: 'If this band doesn’t become one of the most brutal and intense metal bands of this generation, we’ve failed as a species.' It's clear that others share this sentiment.

Encoded Inception stands out for its intense atmosphere, combining heavy guitars and guttural vocals, accompanied by another standout element: remarkable drums that instantly bring to mind the industry-leading example in these specifications – Gojira. While these two bands may share some ideas in their concept, Siriun's musical expression is never overshadowed; in fact, it's enhanced by it. Their latest offering, Encoded Inception, simply showcases expertise, encapsulating remarkable performances that were perfected by someone who is a master of their art, giving Siriun all the attack power they need.

Musically, the song predominantly follows the language of vintage death metal while leaving all the melodic expectations aside. Nevertheless, the result they’ve achieved with this song is nothing short of remarkable, especially considering their deliberate choice to limit themselves while still aiming for the highest, finest, and tightest metal out there.

It’s on the technical side of things where I believe the fate of this song was decided. Firstly, they undeniably have one of the best-sounding metal profiles I’ve come across lately. Both individually and collectively, the band’s musical vision was masterfully crafted, characterized, and powered by high-end contemporary metal qualities.

Lastly, I’d like to add that I thoroughly enjoyed hearing both collective and individual contributions, a mindset that we often see happening with the industry-leading bands. Yet having said that, it was the drummer who stood out with his presence, reminded me of one of the greatest metal drummers out there, Mario Duplantier.

Siriun, band photoPhoto credit: Unknown

On the other hand, I’d like to mention that, while Siriun’s sound is undeniably earth-shakingly powerful, I think there is still much room for personalization. As a metal music enthusiast, it’s impossible not to appreciate the level of quality the collective delivers. Nevertheless, I am also uncertain whether listeners can distinguish Siriun solely by their sound character.

Siriun, band photoPhoto credit: Unknown

Ultimately, Siriun undeniably stands out as one of the finest internationally-sounding Brazilian metal bands I’ve discovered in recent years that deserves more recognition. 'Encoded Inception‘ is contemporary death metal at its finest, characterized by the heaviest guitars, death metal vocals, and technical drums reminiscent of Gojira, empowered by industry-leading qualities in its sound. Thank you for reading.

Siriun - Encoded Inception single artworkArt credit: Unknown

Mixed by Alexandre CastellanMastered by Mark Lewis

Siriun is:Alexandre Castellan - Vocal/GuitarBraulio Drumond - DrumsDjavan Fernandes - GuitarMarcos Medeiros - Bass

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