One Day Off - Останній Заповіт - Song Review - Commercial Pop / Punk Rock from Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine

One Day Off - Останній Заповіт - Song Review - Commercial Pop / Punk Rock from Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine

Today I am writing about a promising pop/punk rock band; One Day Off, from Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine with; Останній Заповіт / Ostanniy Zapovit, their third new single, released in 2022.

Останній Заповіт (feat. Самозванці, Arhat & Yangely)

Some music grows in you through time for some unknown reason, something that you realize on your second listening. Naturally, there are also those that start to disappoint for some reason, something that I learned in recent years.

Останній Заповіт, deserves appreciation for its radio-friendly build and commercial potential, blending 90s mainstream pop, rock, metal, and punk influences in an easy but energetic way in its musical origins.

The musical input of the song reminded me of the 90s for a few reasons. The energy level, which I believe is the most successful thing about the work in general, has the live-performing energy of bands such as The Offspring, Metallica, Green Day, Blink 182, etc. The musical structure of the song has a commercial-friendly approach, nothing's complicated, perfect fit for radios.

One Day Off, band photo Credit: Unknown

On the other side of the coin, I have to admit that the song simply doesn't have enough sound quality to make a positive impact on the listener. I rather found it "clear enough for me to understand what the band is trying to do here in terms of sound character and production". The result is average and I believe it's the main weakness of the song.

Secondly, it is a simple radio-friendly pop/punk rock song and musically you just don't expect too much from it. If this song played on the radio, so many of us would enjoy listening.

One Day Off, band photo Credit: Unknown

When I put all these into account, I'd like to say that I had a good time listening to Останній Заповіт. 90s explosive punk rock energy with a radio-friendly structure and commercial melodies. Thanks for reading.

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