Niro Knox - Save Me - Song Review - 90s Rock from London, England

Niro Knox - Save Me - Song Review - 90s Rock from London, England
Niro Knox - Save Me - Song Review - 90s Rock from London, England

Another cold and misty Friday in the North, in my surreal Finnish prison where I spent my entire morning listening to an established rock 'n' roll artist, Niro Knox, hailing from London, England. After reading about his story, musical endeavors, and giving a listen to his entire discography while taking a walk outside, I will share with you my unbiased opinion on his latest single, "Save Me," released on January 24th, 2024, as a piece from his upcoming debut studio album with the same title and a release date of May 2024.

Official Music Video for "Save Me" by Niro Knox. Drums - Jerry Sadowski. Bass - Izzy PT. Recording & Engineering - Jerry Sadowski & Niro Knox. Mix - Phil Kinman. Mastering - Ade Emsley. Directed and Produced by

I have to admit that I developed a negative opinion towards music with traditional and familiar concepts recently. After listening to various artists and bands from different parts of the world who try to keep the flame alive by making traditional music that is heavily influenced by their heroes, you unconsciously develop a misjudgment, a strong emotional signal from your body that resists the feeling for a reason you question and try to interpret as humanly as possible. In fact, most of the time, those who influenced them also played a major part in my musical development, making me who I am today. This has been going on until I discovered Niro Knox about a week ago.

Every time I think about the reason why I was all in into music from a very young age, that door always leads to being a passionate person, maybe a bit of an introvert, as well as finding a healthy frequency while listening to heavy music live. This is the point where everything started from my perspective, where now I discovered someone with whom I find many things in common and instantly developed admiration; Niro Knox. His latest single, "Save Me" caught my attention with its concept of early '90s rock that incorporates the best parts out of the mainstream rock bands from that era, evoking memories of Guns N' Roses, Audioslave, Bon Jovi, and Van Halen. Traditionally, while following all the familiar blueprints of those times, "Save Me" distinguishes itself and qualifies as a fantastic song to me for a reason that is predominantly due to a concept that solely involves human energy. The passion and enthusiasm that I felt from Niro's music, together with his understanding of rock aesthetics, have changed the entire picture for me, where I solely felt the joy of hearing good old-school rock 'n' roll after a considerable time from the underground scene.

Production-wise, "Save Me" deserves all the appreciation for encapsulating all the necessary foundational elements that rock music consists of in its origins; such as analog soundscapes, live performing energy, attitude, and passion. Now, "Save Me" is one of those songs that gives you a similar feeling to listening to golden rock hits from the '90s, not only for its craftsmanship but also for being faithful to its origins. I don't remember enjoying listening to '90s rock as I did in Niro's "Save Me" together with other releases in his discography since the last time I discovered Eddie Van Halen's son's project, Mammoth WVH.

Lastly, among Niro's many other qualities as mentioned earlier, his music also qualifies him as a fantastic lead guitar player and vocalist, whose guitar playing reminded me of Slash and his voice reminded me of Chris Cornell. His collective's performances that are captured in the song are nothing short of top-notch, mirroring the standards of mainstream rock sounds.

Niro Knox, artist photo with his Gibson Les Paul guitar. Photo credit: Unknown

With all due respect, I still feel like Niro Knox's music still has room to improve, mainly in terms of sound design and production. While I am entirely convinced of his talents and musical aesthetics, I would prefer to listen to him in a bit larger spacey feeling that will support the feeling of live performance, especially for the drums.

Niro Knox, artist photo. Photo Credit: Unknown.

In conclusion, "Save Me" is one of the best-sounding '90s rock songs I have discovered for a very long time that teleported me back to my childhood, evoking nostalgic feelings that I felt listening to '90s golden rock hits while growing up. I am thrilled to have discovered Niro Knox. Strongly recommended by Metalhead Community. Thank you for reading.

Niro Knox, Save Me (2024) single front cover.

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