Metopia - Fiktion - Song Review - Melodic Death Metal from Frankfurt, Germany

Metopia - Fiktion - Song Review - Melodic Death Metal from Frankfurt, Germany

Today I am writing about a promising melodic death metal band; Metopia, from Frankfurt, Germany with; Fiktion, off from their debut studio album, Wiedergeburt, released in 2022.

Metopia - Fiktion [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Mixed and mastered by Lukas Danninger at Wayward Sound Written by Philipp Hahn und Thomas Birkmaier, Produced by Metopia Directed by Alexander Ehrman, Roxxi Diamond Drone, fixed Cam and steadycam Operator: Alexander Ehrman, Roxxi Diamond Visual Effects & Animation: Rabl & Hahn GmbH Editor and visual FX Supervision: Philipp Hahn Sound Design: Lukas Danninger IT, Light & Electricity: Thomas Birkmaier Catering & Caretaker: Julia Segerer, Jennifer Hahn & Andreas Hanke (Panzerarena Heidenau) Costumes & Props: Michael Titze Make up: Melina Pihale Props: Rabl & Hahn GmbH

Metopia's Fiktion is one of the promising works I discovered from Germany about a few months ago, deserves appreciation for many reasons, but more importantly, shows potential for two main reasons; its universal sound even though it's in the German language, and for carrying qualities of both traditional and modern metal.

Technically, the song sounds impressive, and the work stands out with its energy level, sound design, and characterization. It has the energy of old-school thrash/death metal on one hand, but also satisfies the listener with its modernized djenty sound character. Also, the producer has done a great job with the vocal mix and characterization, now we are all convinced that Roxxi Diamond is simply a great metal vocalist.

The musical side also has a similar approach in this way, taking the best out of traditional death and thrash metal, blending them with the djent metal of Meshuggah, death metal of Crematory, and German melodies of Rammstein, but that's not all. We can't miss the fact that Metopia is a talented and promising collective, they simply have the strength in their instrumentation, quality in their production, and the character in their frontman to take it to the next level in their careers.

Metopia, artist photo Credit: Unknown

On the other side of the coin, I have to admit that I wasn't impressed by the music video, even though it was professionally filmed and produced. First of all, the story wasn't exciting enough to continue after a certain point, and secondly, it wasn't artistic enough for me.

Metopia, performing live on stage Credit: Unknown

When I put all these into account, I'd like to say that I had a great time listening to Fiktion. Carrying both traditional and modern metal qualities, blending the vintage death metal of Crematory with the djent metal of Meshuggah and German melodies of Rammstein. Thanks for reading.

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