Rammstein Deutschland Music Video – The Story Behind

Rammstein’s Deutschland is the band’s first work in over 10 years and has not been without controversy. However, the video clip is more attractive to the general public than the song, and it takes a journey through the bloody history of Germany, from Germania Magna in the 16th century BC, through the crusades and the separation of Germany, to what appears to be the future, where Germany is not even on earth.

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Rammstein Deutschland Music Video – The Story Behind

The video shows different scenes in the story with many subliminal messages that may seem controversial and inappropriate, showing a truth that very few people want to talk about

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What we know about the video after witnessing it is that it is an abstract work of art with many controversial scenes

It is the first song on the album that the industrial metal band: Rammstein released at 6 p.m. on Thursday, March 28, 2019, as announced, it received half a million visits in the first thirty minutes of its release. This song is part of his seventh study title, which was not baptized.

It has a duration of 5 minutes and the video clip was directed by Specter Berlin. It is the first work of the band in more than 10 years and it has not been without controversy, because before its premiere a trailer was published where there were scenes that recreated the Holocaust. Therefore, in a few hours, it got about 10 million visitors to the official video. The lyrics and the video clip refer to love and hate for Germany.

The lyrics make little nods to the history of the country and Rammstein, for example, begins with “Du hast”, the title of a popular song by the band. In addition, it makes historical references to the union and separation of the country, as well as an allusion to the Nazi anthem with “deutschland über allen” translated as Germany above all, which in the Nazi era was “deutschland über alles” or Germany above all. The change is only a letter.

Regarding the video clip, it is set in different periods of German history, which we are going to break down here in chronological order. But first it is necessary to know that the actress Ruby Commey, the woman of color that appears in the entire video, interprets Germany in its different stages, this is clear at the beginning of the credits of the clip.

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Rammstein Deutschland Music Video – The Story Behind

It is common to see scenes that can be shocking, giving subliminal messages about different aspects, both current and from the past. This has generated controversy among critics who watched the video, highlighting its crudeness.

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Historical aspects treated in the video

  • Germania Magna

At this point the video of Rammstein’s Deutschland begins, for the avoidance of doubt appears at the bottom “Germania Magna 16 A.D” in this period the Roman reconquest of Germania, the future Germany, ended. A few years before, the Roman Empire tried to conquer these lands but they suffered one of their worst defeats, as three Roman legions were destroyed and only 12 men out of 300 survived, it is known as the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest. This kept the Roman Empire out of Germania until 14 AD, there General Julius Caesar Germanicus decided to retaliate for the loss and ended up conquering Germania two years later, modifying its form as a state and expanding Rome. In the video, Roman legionaries are seen attacking Germany.

  • The arrival of Christianity

Although the arrival of Christianity in Germany was not as bloody as in America, it came to be seen that the Christians, mostly foreigners, were undoing the country to keep a piece. Thus, in Rammstein’s Deutschland, clergymen are seen savagely devouring Germany. The arrival of Christianity in Germany occurred with the conquest of Germania but once Roman rule ceased, so did Christianity. It was not until the end of the fifth century when Christianity experienced a boom, with the baptism of King Clovis I, the nobility followed his example, and imposed it on the people. For this, missionaries from present-day Great Britain were counted on and the sacred trees for paganism were eliminated, claiming that if nothing happened after the burning or felling of the tree, the Christian god was stronger.

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Rammstein Deutschland Music Video – The Story Behind

We can see how part of the scenes show the arrival of Christianity in Germany, presenting their god as the superior to the one worshipped by others. With this, we can see the brutality inflicted and the great amount of violence included in this part of the story.

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  • Medieval wars

Here we see Germany dressed as a queen from the late Middle Ages, leading a war of the time, which could well be a crusade or a war between kingdoms. In the first case, the crusades were a series of wars promoted by the pope to defend the holy land, by this time much of Germany belonged to the Holy Roman Empire.

The country had its own crusade in 1197 and this was summoned by Emperor Henry VI, bringing together more than 7,000 knights, although Austria and Cyprus also participated, defending Christian dominion over those lands. The war ended with the death of Henry VI, as the leading knights of the crusade returned to Germany to contest the throne and protect their lands. Thus, the year after the crusade began, they had lost two cities.

However, the conflict shown in Rammstein’s Deutschland may also have been a war between the many feudal lords who lived in medieval times. The cause was usually the expansion of their domains.

  • The Inquisition

Although the Spanish inquisition is much better known for its barbarism, the German one is not far behind, and the Spanish one was the longest lasting. Following the comparison in Germany there were four times more murders for reasons of witchcraft than in Spain. The video shows the burning of a person at the stake, although the reasons are unknown, probably heresy. The latter being the sole motive, although heresy could be committed with anything that the church regarded as an attack on itself, even something as minor as a woman wearing trousers was heresy.

It should be noted that all those detained by this process were forced to confess to crimes under brutal torture, which is why they confessed to crimes that were unlikely or never took place. Sometimes they proceeded to prove that someone practiced witchcraft, hoping that, if they did so, they would save themselves from mortal danger, otherwise they would die even though they were innocent but they would die with the favor of the church.

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Rammstein Deutschland Music Video – The Story Behind

We observe the medieval wars found in the video, where Germany was involved in multiple conflicts to decide its destiny

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  • Plague

It is one of the most ferocious epidemics that has been unleashed throughout history, it began in the 14th century, during the inquisition. Germany was divided at that time into several kingdoms and duchies, so the plague affected each of them to a different extent. According to historians, one in 10 Germans died in the current territory, being one of the least affected places, especially Magdeburg. However, in other cities, such as Cologne and Hamburg, a larger part of the population died.

In the video, some clergymen are observed walking with a lot of rats, since the church is partly the cause of the epidemic, since they killed cats because they considered them demonic, so the number of rats with fleas that contained the bacteria increased in the absence of a predator, thus helping to spread the disease.

  • Hyperinflation

Hyperinflation occurred in 1921, during the Weimar Republic, after the fall of the German Empire and the First World War. It was due to the debt contracted by Germany after the war, by that time all coins and bills had to have their backing in gold. However, in order to pay the debt, Germany began printing banknotes without a backing, the currency logically lost value. In this context, banknotes cost more than their value in itself, so instead of issuing new ones, the new value was printed on an old banknote. Half a kilo of meat cost 36 billion marks, the German currency.

There are two scenes from these times in Rammstein’s Deutschland, the first is the fight starring Till Lindemann, as the Germans tried to find money as best they could to be able to eat. The other occurs when he is arrested (it could have been because of the fight) the prisoners begin to throw bills at Till, which shows that the money was not very valuable.

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Rammstein Deutschland Music Video – The Story Behind

Another of the scenes highlighted is the hyperinflation of 1921 produced by World War I, where people were forced to take any situation as an opportunity to survive. We can even see an iconic scene of the prisoners throwing money to the gang, showing how little money was valued at that time.

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  • The Hindenburg Accident

The Hindenburg was one of the largest zeppelin built in the world, it was operational for a year, until 1937. The zeppelin made a transatlantic flight from Germany to New Jersey, after waiting for a storm to pass to land and once the necessary to that the ship began to catch fire. The fire started by static electricity and the thunderstorm quickly spread across the Hindenburg, precipitating its downfall. 35 people died and it spelled the end of the zeppelin era.

In Rammstein’s Deutschland video, gang members are shown walking near one of the towers of an air station, just as a zeppelin collapses behind them. Later, at the same time, they are seen driving a car used at the beginning of Nazism.

RAMMSTEIN DEUTSCHLAND MUSIC VIDEO The story behind it - Deutschland 3
Rammstein Deutschland Music Video – The Story Behind

The band shows a cameo of the Hindenburg crash while walking in the background of the airship explosion

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  • Holocaust

The most controversial scene in the video, from left to right, a homosexual, a Jew, a political prisoner and a gypsy are hanged. Rammstein Deutschland Official Video Source

Although the video clip does not make any reference to the battlefields of World War II, it does make a clear reference to Nazism with the burning of books and the Holocaust. In fact, this caused such a controversy that it even reached the German government and centers dedicated to the victims of the Holocaust. Due to this fact, millions of people perished for having a condition different from that desired by Hitler’s Nazi regime, Jews, homosexuals, sick, disabled, gypsies, among other groups were sentenced.

Rammstein’s Deutschland in his lyrics refers to the Nazi anthem in his lyrics with “deutschland über allen” and in the video a half-blind Germany is seen by the injustices that were committed in the concentration camps. There the gang members play prisoners (a homosexual, a Jew, a political prisoner and a gypsy) who are about to be hanged, and another prisoner cleaning the boots of the Nazi officer who gives the order.

At the same time, the manufacture and launch of the V-2 rocket and ballistic missile is shown, which was launched as an attack against the allies, mainly London and Antwerp. The weapon was created in retaliation for the UK RAF (Royal Air Force) bombing. Continuing with the scene of the holocaust, once the prisoners of the camps who had the strength to do so were defeated, they dedicated themselves to hunting the Nazis, in the video the condemned cornered the guards and shot them in the head.

RAMMSTEIN DEUTSCHLAND MUSIC VIDEO The story behind it - Deutschland 1
Rammstein Deutschland Music Video – The Story Behind

One of the most controversial scenes shows how different prisoners are hanged for not conforming to the Nazi ideals of the holocaust era.
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  • RDA

RDA stands for the German Democratic Republic, a socialist state that existed from 1949 to 1990. After World War II, Germany was divided by the Allies, on the western side by the United Kingdom, France and the United States, on the east by the Soviet Union . West Germany moved its capital to Bonn and East Germany left it in Berlin, being its Chancellor Erich Honecker.

In Rammstein’s Deutschland we see a group of senior Communist officials and a cosmonaut partying in an office, while Germany wears a Soviet military outfit. Curiously, two men appear kissing representing Leonid Brezhnev and Honecker. During this time the Berlin Wall was built as a mechanism so that the East Germans did not try to cross to the other side, although human ingenuity won out over repression.

RAMMSTEIN DEUTSCHLAND MUSIC VIDEO The story behind it - Deutschland 10
Rammstein Deutschland Music Video – The Story Behind

After World War II, the band shows a devastated Germany divided by the Allies. Here it shows the actions of communist officials to maintain control in the midst of famine and misery
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  • Terrorism

In the mid-1970s in West Germany a terrorist group with Marxist ideals emerged that was known as Baader-Meinhof, after the surnames of its founders, although they decided to call themselves a Fraction of the Red Army. These tried to imitate the Uruguayan guerrillas. For this they were responsible for a series of assaults, explosives, murders, and even the hijacking of a plane to demand the release of their members from prison. In Rammstein’s Deutschland it is staged when Till Lindemann dresses as a woman and with the other members of the gang starts a crossfire, you can also see how Germany is being kidnapped. The last actions of the terrorist group were in 1993 and it was dissolved in 1998.

  • Riots in the late 1980s

In Rammstein’s Deutschland, some young people are seen demonstrating violently, even with Molotov cocktails. The late 1980s saw an increase in protests on both sides of Germany, for different reasons of course. In the West, anti-fascist and left-wing groups protested, reaching the peak of violence on May 1, 1987, coinciding with the acts of Workers’ Day, since then that day is usually plagued with riots. In the east in 1989 riots began with the 40th anniversary of the GDR, as a result the country was reunited and the Berlin Wall fell.

RAMMSTEIN DEUTSCHLAND MUSIC VIDEO The story behind it - Deutschland 11
Rammstein Deutschland Music Video – The Story Behind

Showing the terrorism that arose in 1970 where a Marxist group carried out several attacks seeking a response to their demands. In a symbolic way we can see a shooting where “Germany” is kidnapped.
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  • The future

Although there are no references to the present, there are to a future that does not look good. In this one, Germany is aboard a spaceship, so presumably it lost its borders. However, it leaves us one last historical curiosity of both world wars, the Leonberger dogs. In Deutschland de Rammstein Germany she is pregnant and her delivery is attended by a cardinal, the birth product are Leonberger puppies. In real history it happened that after the First World War only 5 of this race survived, and after the second 8. So the entire race has the same ancestors in common.

RAMMSTEIN DEUTSCHLAND MUSIC VIDEO The story behind it - Deutschland 6
Rammstein Deutschland Music Video – The Story Behind

A confusing final scene shows us the “future” of Germany. In it the band members hold the newborn offspring of Leonberger Dogs, which were born to a woman.
Credit: Video Fragment

In conclusion, Rammstein has not disappointed with his latest video and as always it has caused controversy. However, Deutschland’s video has many more elements that make it a sight to see and moments just as controversial as the Holocaust but that currently do not have as much impact. Did you notice another reference? Tell us which one.

Rammstein Deutschland Music Video – The Story Behind

The video is a true work of art that shows different periods of Germany in a very raw and direct way, leaving the understanding to the viewer.