Mesker - Casual Freedoms - EP Album Review - Progressive Math Punkcore from London, England

Mesker - Casual Freedoms - EP Album Review - Progressive Math Punkcore from London, England

Today I am writing about the promising progressive punk rock band; Mesker, from London, England with; Casual Freedoms, their debut EP, released in 2022.

Mesker - When The Fabric Frays (Visualiser)

Mesker is a band that I have been eagerly waiting to listen to for a long time, and I already had a few ideas about their complex music. As someone who has been listening to new music every day for the past six years, it was easy to form a first impression of the band.

Their debut EP, "Casual Freedoms," boasts a modern sound character, differentiating itself with its variety of musical styles including alternative, math, punk rock, modern metalcore, djent, progressive, and death metal. I was impressed with the entire album, and the band stands out for its unique color in their sound.

Musically, all the songs are highly progressive and energetic, giving the collective so much room to perform in their shows. That is why their musical foundation  will play a crucial role in their future success.

Lastly, the band demonstrates potential with its intelligent approach and sound character. All songs are complex with high tempos, with the band consistently shining throughout. Mesker's sound is defined by its loud, grungy math-rock guitars playing intricate partitions with the attitude and energy of vocals.

However, I have a few personal observations to share. Firstly, I must admit that the four songs on the album have a similar tonality and evoke the same feeling from start to finish. It can be difficult to differentiate between the songs after listening to the entire album, as they begin to sound the same.

Secondly, while the sound design and production have enough character to launch a successful career, they also have similarities to bands in the mathcore and hardcore music genres.

Taking everything into consideration, I would like to commend the "Casual Freedoms" EP for its collective and musical character, effectively conveying Mesker's musical taste and vision to the listener. A promising debut with monstrous energy, complexity, punk-rock sound character, and live-performance potential, blending influences from alternative, grunge, math, and punk rock with modern metalcore, djent, and even death metal. Thank you for reading.

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