Lycantrophilia - Demiurge - Album Review - Melodic Death / Black Metal from Hesse, Germany

Lycantrophilia - Demiurge - Album Review - Melodic Death / Black Metal from Hesse, Germany
Lycantrophilia - Demiurge - Album Review - Melodic Death / Black Metal from Hesse, Germany

Today, we have the privilege of featuring Lycantrophilia, a promising Melodic Death/Black Metal band hailing from Hesse, Germany. In this review, we will explore their new album, Demiurge, delving into its character, style, story, potential, and more.

I discovered Lycantrophilia two years ago when I featured their previous album, BLOOD MOON CHRONICLES, here on Metalhead Community Magazine. Now, after just a few months since the release of Blood Moon Chronicles, they have returned with a brand new EP, Demiurge, released in 2020.

For those unfamiliar with the band, Lycantrophilia embarked on their musical journey with the EP, Metamorph Re-Issue (2019). Since then, they have released one full-length album, Blood Moon Chronicles (2020), and the EP Demiurge (2020). I encourage you to listen to the album as we explore its intricacies further.

Lycantrophilia has consistently caught our attention here at Metalhead Community. This band, particularly the brainchild of the talented musician Isegrimm from Hesse, Germany, embodies our respect and admiration due to their approach, determination, artistic sensibilities, musical understanding, and, of course, their productivity. Releasing both an EP and a full-length album, totaling 17 songs, within a single year is truly remarkable. Such accomplishments are not often witnessed, even among full-time professional musicians.

Demiurge stands as a monstrous and powerful record overall. When I think of this album, two words immediately come to mind: power and darkness. It represents a fantastic blend of dark and technical metal styles, featuring brutal and growling vocals that seamlessly transition between black metal and death metal. I detect influences from bands such as Behemoth, Iced Earth, Demons & Wizards, Cradle of Filth, and Dimmu Borgir. It's like a death/black metal rendition of Jon Schaffer's (Iced Earth) signature riffs combined with the darkness of Behemoth. Just imagine the possibilities!

The album's atmosphere is truly captivating, ensuring that the listener remains engaged from start to finish. The songs, mostly melodic yet simple, showcase monstrous guitar riffs accompanied by symphonic metal elements. Comparing Demiurge to their previous album, Blood Moon Chronicles, I would say that Demiurge feels more like a concept album.

Moreover, I am convinced that Demiurge possesses the necessary foundations to establish a strong connection with any metalhead. Although the album was self-recorded and produced by the band, I find myself wholly satisfied with the music. As mentioned in previous articles, I have a deep appreciation for progressive metal that encompasses the necessary darkness and atmosphere. In my estimation, Demiurge represents a significant step forward in Lycantrophilia's career. It is a remarkable achievement that leaves little to critique. However, I would be remiss not to mention the one area where I believe Demiurge falls short—creativity in their compositions. Having listened to the album in its entirety multiple times before writing this article, I found myself yearning for a more recognizable and solid signature from Lycantrophilia. Some may disagree, and that is entirely understandable. I simply believe that these talented musicians possess the foundations necessary to develop their own authentic character, and it is only a matter of time before they fully realize it.

From a technical standpoint, Demiurge meets satisfying standards in every aspect, as previously mentioned. The album strikes a proper balance, showcasing exceptional instrumentation, dynamic arrangements, and an irresistible drive throughout. When considering the overall sound quality of Demiurge, it holds its own against the likes of certain Iced Earth or Behemoth albums, to be frank.

In conclusion, I hold a highly positive outlook on Lycantrophilia. With Demiurge representing only their third official release within a span of two years, their professional journey is just beginning. There is no turning back; they can only move forward. I envision them gracing the stages of metal festivals worldwide, provided they maintain their uniqueness and continue to refine their musical character.

I encourage you to follow the links below to learn more about the band, Lycantrophilia, and show your support by following them on social media, subscribing to their channels, and staying up-to-date with their releases.

In conclusion, the Metalhead Community Team wholeheartedly congratulates Lycantrophilia for their outstanding work on Demiurge and wishes them continued success in their future endeavors. Thank you for reading.



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