Lycantrophilia – Blood Moon Chronicles Album Review

Today we are featuring another promising black metal band; LYCANTROPHILIA, from GERMANY. We have reviewed their monstrous album; BLOOD MOON CHRONICLES, along with its character, style, story, potential and more.

Lycantrophilia is a promising death/black/extreme metal band I have discovered about a month ago with their latest release; Blood Moon Chronicles, which was released as a long play album not long ago in 2020. The band is officially making releases since 2018. They have started their careers with a single called; “Nachtmahr” in 2018, continued with an EP; “Metamorph” in 2019, and released their first full-length album; “Blood Moon Chronicles” in 2020. Honestly, guys, I have listened to a couple of songs and feeling quite negative about the album at first. You know me, I always expect to hear something musically surprising whenever I am listening to a new song. This was my first impression about Blood Moon Chronicles, yet I have decided to dive more into the details. Now, please give it a go while reading the rest of the article.

Blood Moon Chronicles is one of those albums where you don’t want to set any limitation by naming it as “black metal”, “death”, “extreme” or something else. It is a good example of a powerful blend of the heaviest elements in metal. The speed, attitude, hatred, you’ll find so many things about the dark world of Lycantrophilia in this very album. I have taken a look at their history as I always do before writing my article, realized they have always been one step closer to Black Metal since their first release; Nachtmahr (2018). The actual genius behind Lycantrophilia mostly belongs to only one multi-instrumentalist called; Isegrimm, which makes their story much more interesting indeed. I have huge respect for people like him who are showing devotion more than anything else and keeps everything at a very respected level. And this story surely was another reason why I started to be more interested in Lycantrophilia while this album started to grow in me.

As you might also know from my previous articles that I am not into this kind of pure extreme metal unless there’s something extraordinary in it, such as in Opeth’s music (black metal, jazz, progressive metal, death metal, and so on). In our example, there’s absolutely nothing fancy about Blood Moon Chronicles. This is METAL in its purest form. If you are into electronics, vocal tunings (melodyne), industrial elements, beats, modern approaches, softwares and shit, then you are in the wrong place. This album is for those who love the foundations of black/death metal, everything about its purity. And this is something that I admire the most about the Black Metal community.

Furthermore, the general mood of the album is quite dark as you can imagine. The songs are usually short, yet none of these compositions are standard or somewhere near simple. The band is making a difference with their instrumentation, energy level, and composing skills. I mean, when you listen to all these songs with full attention you can easily hear that not everybody can write music like this. They are truly exceptional, advanced musicians with their knowledge and experience. As I have mentioned above, there’s absolutely nothing unexpected. The album begins (the second track) playing like a war machine and ends within the same breath. There’s no room for relaxing at all.

On the other hand, the album is not rich with its musicality. Every song has got something unique about them for sure, yet they have so much in common at the same time. Most of the time you feel like you are listening to an album, rather than listening to different songs from this album. I am aware that beyond this point everything becomes personal, but I owe you all my honestly. For me, Lycantrophilia does have the ability. Hands down. However, the character in this album wasn’t strong enough for me to separate them from any other band out there. They do sound like other black metal bands with their musicality, ideas, and their overall vibe. So, is this something that will keep me from liking a band? Absolutely not. Yet it is definitely something that will keep them reaching to where they really belong in their future careers.


Technically, Blood Moon Chronicles has great standards in every way. The album immediately pulls the listener into its world and leaves breathless with its gallop from the second track to the end. We all know that people who are into death and black metal stuff usually don’t care about sound quality at all. Well, this is not a valid statement for people like me. In fact, I expect to see creativity in the post-production process of the song as much as the musicality. In this way, Blood Moon Chronicles will surely satisfy many people who love metal with its foundation, I’d give them that. I am not sure if they have recorded and produced the song themselves or worked with a professional. Both ways, there’s nothing negative I can say about this outcome.

When I take all these into account, I’d like to say that I have had a great time listening to Lycantrophilia. Blood Moon Chronicles is definitely a solid step forward in their careers which will make them and their families proud all their lives!

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In conclusion, Metalhead Community Team congratulates LYCANTROPHILIA for their epic job in BLOOD MOON CHRONICLES and wishes them the very best in their future careers. Thank you for reading.

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