Limp - Quivering - Song Review - Dark Alternative Rock from Thessaloniki, Greece

Limp - Quivering - Song Review - Dark Alternative Rock from Thessaloniki, Greece

Today, I'm reviewing "Quivering" by Limp, a dark alternative rock band from Thessaloniki, Greece, released on October 8, 2022.

Limp - Herd (Full Album 2022)

On a rainy Wednesday afternoon in the Alps of Lucerne, I'm listening to "Quivering" by Limp, a super moody song with a slow-burning feeling that's a perfect fit for a day like this. As a big Opeth admirer, I fell in love with the feeling of the song as it reminded me of Opeth's acoustic songs from many years ago. Limp, whose sound is influenced by Opeth, has created a promising song that I'm excited to delve into.

The song's musical side has a 70s prog-rock atmosphere and energy, blending alternative, shoegaze, acoustic, and prog-rock influences. Limp has a traditional setup with drums, guitars, bass, keys, and vocals. The band's sound matches Opeth's, but this time with the beautiful and soothing voice of a female singer.

Moreover, the song's concept has a minimalist approach that I genuinely enjoyed. Although it's only 3 minutes and 10 seconds long, it feels like a long instrumental and proggy journey. The instrumentation is the foundation of the music, and the vocalist only accompanies the entire song with her part, which was one of the significant moments for me. Additionally, the band also took advantage of using cinematic elements such as a speech along the way, which makes everything much more proggy and conceptual.

Lastly, the technical side of the job also carries highly satisfying quality. "Quivering" stands out with its natural-sounding instruments with satisfying headroom and easiness in the making. Everything flows so smoothly, and you feel the charm of real played music with humanly reference. All musicians contribute equally to the ultimate Limp character, and I'm entirely satisfied with the song's sound despite its similarities with Opeth's Damnation.

On the other side of the coin, I have to admit that the Opeth influence in the song is too obvious. There were no secondary direct influences in its entire identity, and the project follows Opeth's Damnation character too strictly, ending up only mimicking the original. There are similarities in their visuals as well as their font, album arts, sound character, musical foundation, composition, chord progression, instrumentation, attitude, approach, and so on. I appreciate the good music but also accept the fact that this might have been a bit too much.

In conclusion, listening to "Quivering" was a great pleasure. It's a beautiful, easy-listening alternative song with 70s prog rock and shoegaze vibes, in a similar mood with Opeth's Damnation, only this time with female vocals. Thanks for reading this further, and I hope you enjoy Limp's music as much as I did.

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