Lawrence Wallace – Lost at Sea Song Review

Today we are featuring a promising shredder, Lawrence Wallace, from Philadelphia PA. I have reviewed a new song, Lost At Sea from his upcoming album, Unleashed, along with its character, style, story, potential, and more.

Lawrence Wallace is a promising guitar player and composer I discovered years ago with his project called; Moonlight Prophecy. This time, he is shortly to be back with a brand new album, “Unleashed”, and I reviewed a song off this album, Lost At Sea. 

Lawrence Wallace is a big potential guitar player, unfortunately, who doesn’t wish to push anything forward. He has what most of us don’t, for instance, technical ability. There aren’t so many guitar players out there who can shred like this. However, I must also mention that it seems to me he is not making any effort in anything else in his career.

I am familiar with Lawrence Wallace’s music, along with his previous project, Moonlight Prophecy for years. I listened to one of his long play albums before, and still remember it to this day. Being familiar with the artist for all these years of course gives you a bit more positive perspective as a fact, and I am positive about Lawrence Wallace’s art as a conclusion.

When I listened to Lost At Sea for the first time, I heard of some influences (mostly established guitar players/composers) that I listened to a lot such as, Joe SatrianiChuck SchuldinerJohn Petrucci, and Yngwie Malmsteen. I grew up listening and watching, learned everything I know about being a guitarist from them. Apparently, these gentlemen not only influenced me but also millions of people including Lawrence Wallace.

First of all, he’s a traditional guy with a traditional sound. I guess he wanted to follow his musical idols in this way, and I respect that. Who would value this beautiful nostalgic music with the spirit of those times, with a modern sound at all? On the other hand, Lawrence has a blend of all these shredders both musically and technically. He is powerful with his skills, an impressive guitarist. Hands down. He formed the structure of this song not too commercial yet not too progressive at the same time, close to what Joe Satriani does. This kind of approach usually has more radio-friendly structures, supported by a powerful cinematic atmosphere. In Lost At Sea, there’s definitely a similarity, and I was glad to hear that. A feeling which immediately takes you to the 90s, beautiful times.

Furthermore, Lost At Sea has much more technicality and shredding than melodic guitar players in the influentials list. This song has incredible energy from the beginning to the end, the overall sound has origins from Chuck Schuldiner’s, DEATH. I am a die-hard Death fan myself, so, that’s another score.


On the other side of the medallion, the weaknesses list begins with the technical side of the work. First of all, I am afraid to say this song doesn’t have today’s competitive standards. It is a poorly done mix with poorly recorded parts, whereas I can also hear many flaws. I do respect the artist’s efforts, as an artist myself, yet I can’t say I would listen to this while Metallica’s groundbreaking Black Album released 30 years ago.

Moreover, the song has lost most of its potential because of the poor production. We all know how many artists out there sitting at the top of the world just because they have got the top team in music production, every single shit they release becomes a hit.

Lastly, the artist is quite poor at managing the visuals in his career as well. Some of his illustrations look very old, except Lost At Sea. His channels are quite outdated and not taken care of. If we must ask, I am well aware that these are none of his business actually. A guitar player should play his guitar and make music only. Yet there are also facts, and we all have to play by the rules. I can’t imagine a successful young guitar player image here with all these weaknesses, instead, I see a real talent who doesn’t want to improve.

When I take all these into account, I’d like to say that I had a good time listening to Lawrence Wallace after all these years once again. Lost At Sea is an electrifying but melodic song with beautiful nostalgia from the 90s.

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In conclusion, Metalhead Community Team congratulates Lawrence Wallace for his upcoming album, Unleashed, and wishes him the very best in his future career. Thank you for reading.

Lawrence Wallace – Lost at Sea Song Review