Restriction Line - The Tide - Song Review - Melodic Metal from Turku, Finland

Restriction Line - The Tide - Song Review - Melodic Metal from Turku, Finland
Restriction Line - The Tide - Song Review - Melodic Metal from Turku, Finland. Metalhead Community Magazine.

Today I am writing about a still up-and-coming band from Finland, despite their catalog that started back in 2019. Their self-titled EP album consists of all the other singles they released over these years, with an additional new track, the album opener, that introduced me to this band.

Restriction Line - The Tide, official audio

Although I had mixed feelings while listening to The Tide for the first time about a month and a half ago, as someone who has around 20 years of investment in music, I believe the collective deserves appreciation for their foundational work showcased in this song. After hearing the song a few times today on repeat, I noticed that Restriction Line blends two major characters together: the melodic, which is the opening part with melodic vocals and fast tempo drumming that reminded me of Opeth, and right in the middle of the song, the composition resolves to Dimmu Borgir’s understanding of symphonic death metal.

Musically, the band has done everything the right way, and their performances sound flawless. While incorporating the subgenres mentioned above, the band also shows potential with their technical capabilities. The two personalities of the vocalist can definitely work, and the drummer here made a huge impact by giving the song such an uneasy but interesting feel. These two played the entire show for me, and that was good enough.

Restriction Line, band photo. Credit: Unknown.

On the other side of the medallion, I would like to share my opinion as if I were asked to produce their upcoming album because I think I can improve this band in a very short time.

Firstly, I believe the band has the necessary production quality yet not the sound personality that will distinguish them while the vocalist is not singing, even further during the growling parts. This can be improved, and the band would automatically level up in their game.

Secondly, I also think that the vocalist does have the skill yet not the character his vocals need in terms of sound design. The vocalist plays a foundational role in Restriction Line’s destiny, and he has got to have the finest sound in the entire project; then you build the rest on top of that greatness.

Restriction Line, band photo. Credit: Unknown.

In conclusion, I am simply delighted to discover such a local band from Finland. Melodic and symphonic death metal incorporated by a talented collective in their debut, drawing influences from Dimmu Borgir and Opeth. Thank you for reading.

Restriction Line, Self-Titled album front cover artwork. Credit: Unknown.

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Restriction Line, Турку. Отметки ”Нравится”: 60. Melodic metal from Turku, Finland.
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