Jason Halogen - Disasterpiece Theatre - Album Review - 90s Art / Prog-Rock from Los Angeles, California, USA

Jason Halogen - Disasterpiece Theatre - Album Review - 90s Art / Prog-Rock from Los Angeles, California, USA

Today we are featuring a promising art/prog rock artist, Jason Halogen, from Los Angeles, California, USA, with, "Disasterpiece Theatre" his debut studio album released in 2021.

Jason Halogen is a complete artist with the necessary amount of the best parts out of different established influencers. The music gives you the chills with its Radiohead intelligence, gets you excited with Muse energy, impress you with Steven Wilson professionalism in production, and makes you feel better with 90s vibes, reminded me of REM and U2 from time to time.

Songs have similarities as well as differences, most importantly every song has the Disasterpiece Theatre album vibe in it. Mr.Halogen also likes simple but smart ideas in music just like me, so he chose to make the album as easy listening as possible with his instrumentation and structure. It never gets more complex than a certain level, and every song leaves a mark in the listeners' memory.

Composition-wise, Disasterpiece Theatre album sounded familiar but special to me, stands out with its artistic value above everything else. I love the idea of having a story behind every song in one big concept, but mostly impressed by Jason Halogen’s attitude, reminded me of some artists I respect and admire, and he proves this more than once throughout the album.

Lastly, my personal favorite still stands after listening to the entire album, the 9th track, Ruxpin in the Attic, and previously published my review here on Metalhead Community. One of the reasons is about Jason Halogen's musical influences, cause I believe his music is impressive in general, but special with its prog-rock side. The imagination and vision level in the Disasterpiece Theatre album is fascinating, simply one of the top rock albums I listened to from 2021.

On the other side of the coin, Jason Halogen is an established artist with poor management, if not no management at all. It hurts me every time I see such potential in such loneliness or a lost situation. In fact, Jason Halogen isn't the responsible person for filming music videos, managing social media, getting done with the visuals, networking, and so on, yet he's responsible for all the execution and these things have to work somehow. In this case, as I sometimes say, If Metalhead Community was a label, I'd sign Jason Halogen in a heartbeat cause I am confident with what I see in him.

When I put all these into account, I'd say Disasterpiece Theatre is one of the very few timeless 90s alternative/prog rock albums I have listened to for some time from the underground scene. Inspiring vision, advanced musicianship, solid personality, and fascinating artistic value. Strongly recommended. Thanks for reading.



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