Jason Halogen – Ruxpin in the Attic Song Review

Today we are featuring a promising progressive rock artist, Jason Halogen, originally from Burlington, VT, residing in Los Angeles, CA. I have reviewed his latest single, Ruxpin in the Attic, along with its character, style, story, potential, and more.

Jason Halogen is a promising artist I discovered about a week ago with his latest single, “Ruxpin in the Attic“, released on September 24, 2021. In case you haven’t heard of the artist before, Jason Halogen is an award-winning singer/songwriter and composer. He has started his solo artist career recently and released two singles called, “Leave Me Low” and “Ruxpin in the Attic” in 2021. Now, please give the song a listen while reading the rest of the article.

Ruxpin in the Attic for me is an extra special track, reminded me of so many beautiful things from my childhood with its dramatic vibe, which has the feeling of the 90s. The beautiful spirit of 90s music I’d like to call it. The song in general has both pop, alternative, and progressive origins in it, an impressive blend of respectable bands from different genres such as Pink FloydDepeche Mode, and Porcupine Tree. I believe there’s a powerful connection between these influences and Ruxpin in the Attic.

The structure of the song has a radio-friendly approach, yet not exactly. It is rather a long composition with more than a few repeats and additional instrumental parts. Honestly, I am a big-time Porcupine Tree fan myself, so it wasn’t really an issue for me. In fact, the part of Porcupine Tree influence in Jason Halogen‘s music is one of the reasons I felt this strong connection with this song actually. Jason has a lot in common with Steven Wilson‘s songwriting and singing style, and Ruxpin in the Attic has already persuaded me that this actually was a fantastic thing.


Jason Halogen with an acoustic guitar

Technically, Ruxpin in the Attic offers everything I can possibly ask from a moody song such as this one. The atmosphere is so addictive, sections are beautiful, the vibe is irresistible, and the song immediately pulls the listener into its moody world. The sound has a traditional feeling in it, and the overall quality has the industry standards. A world-class job, having such character in music from an upcoming band is an admirable thing.

The only weakness I see in Jason Halogen’s career is the lack of effort in his artistic brand. I am afraid his visuals have poor standards in general, don’t reflect the vibe of his music or represent what’s musically in this record. I personally value these things so much, and it is hard for me to become a proper fan of a band or artist unless they also offer vision in their art, something visually exciting.

When I take all these into account, I’d like to say that I am truly impressed by Jason Halogen and his music. Ruxpin in the Attic has the capacity to become an addictive hit song if Jason Halogen can be successful with his marketing strategy. Huge potential, every rock music fan should listen to this song!

Ruxpin in the Attic earned its place in our “TOP ROCK SONGS SPOTIFY PLAYLIST

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Jason Halogen – Ruxpin in the Attic Song Review


Jason Halogen

In conclusion, Metalhead Community Team congratulates Jason Halogen for his new single, Ruxpin in the Attic, and wishes him the very best in his future career. Thank you for reading.


Jason Halogen – Ruxpin in the Attic Front Cover

Jason Halogen – Ruxpin in the Attic Song Review