Dig Two Graves - Deathwish - Album Review - Modern Electronic Metalcore from New Jersey, USA

Dig Two Graves - Deathwish - Album Review - Modern Electronic Metalcore from New Jersey, USA
Dig Two Graves - Deathwish - Album Review - Modern Electronic Metalcore from New Jersey, USA

Today, we are thrilled to feature the highly promising modern electronic/progressive metal band Dig Two Graves from New Jersey, USA and their latest release 'Deathwish.' Join us as we dive into the intricacies of this captivating album.

Dig Two Graves - Deathwish (Official Audio)

Dig Two Graves is a progressive metal band that recently caught my attention with their latest release 'Deathwish,' which arrived on May 6, 2019. It is truly impressive to witness such remarkable musical and technical standards from an emerging band, especially considering that this is only their second official release. Let's delve deeper into their potential and the offerings on this album.

'Deathwish' blends various genres, including djent, progressive metal, and math rock, with additional influences from death metal. As I listened to the full album multiple times before penning this article, I couldn't help but appreciate Dig Two Graves' modern ideas, proficient songwriting, and exceptional musicianship. The album is brimming with intriguing ideas, captivating riffs, and dynamic compositions that are sure to pique the interest of fellow musicians. The overall atmosphere is dark, tense, and mysterious, setting them apart from their peers. With numerous style, tempo, and mood changes throughout the compositions, as expected from any progressive band, the songs predominantly revolve around guitar-driven sections, while the vocal lines exhibit a refreshing freedom, reminiscent of bands like Periphery.

As we are all aware, this music style has witnessed a surge in popularity and trendiness in recent times. I hold immense respect and admiration for those who are genuinely excited about it. In my opinion, Dig Two Graves exhibits commendable standards in their execution. Without a doubt, crafting compositions of this caliber requires a certain level of skill. Hence, they truly deserve positive feedback for their work.

Dig Two Graves - Band Press Photo. Credit: Unknown

Overall, there is nothing negative to highlight about the 'Deathwish' album. However, I would like to address a few areas where Dig Two Graves could focus on improving in the future. Earlier, I discussed the trendiness of this music style to emphasize the importance of uniqueness and making a distinctive mark as an artist. Dedicated readers of Metalhead Community will recall my penchant for innovative ideas in music, as well as other forms of art. While 'Deathwish' exhibits commendable standards across the board, it is premature to ascertain whether Dig Two Graves will make a lasting impact over time. Despite the abundance of different ideas within the songs, I found them somewhat lacking in musical creativity. Despite thoroughly enjoying the music, I struggled to recall a single melody from the album. It is worth noting that the band members are young, intelligent, and talented musicians. With the guidance and mentorship of an experienced music professional, they can effectively analyze their strengths and weaknesses, gaining a more precise understanding of the band's musical direction in due course.

Taking everything into account, I am genuinely impressed by Dig Two Graves' capabilities showcased on this album. I firmly believe they have much more to offer, and this is just the beginning of their musical journey. To learn more about Dig Two Graves and show your support, please check out the links below and follow them on social media. This is a strongly recommended album for progressive metal music fans.

Dig Two Graves - Band Press Photo. Credit: Unknown

In conclusion, the Metalhead Community Team wholeheartedly congratulates Dig Two Graves for their powerful release 'Deathwish' and wishes them the very best in their future endeavors. Thank you for reading.

Dig Two Graves - Deathwish - Album Front Cover Artwork. Credit: Unknown

Release Info

Artist Name: Dig Two Graves
Location: Somerville, NJ
Release Name: Deathwish
Release Date: May 06, 2019
Label: Independent
Producer: Bryce Kariger
Styles: Metalcore, Djent, Progressive Metal
Similar To: Veil of Maya, Between the Buried and Me, Make Them Suffer, Born of Osiris, We Came as Romans, Monuments

Track List:

  1. As Above
  2. Track 2
  3. Wick
  4. Deathwish
  5. Iron Lungs and Paper Hearts
  6. So Below


Mike Reisser: Vocals
Josh Brewer: Guitar
Jesse Agins: Bass
Kenny Meeks: Drums


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