Demonpalm - Demo - Album Review - Heavy Metal from Dortmund, Germany

Demonpalm - Demo - Album Review - Heavy Metal from Dortmund, Germany
Demonpalm - Demo - Album Review - Heavy Metal from Dortmund, Germany

Today, we are thrilled to feature Demonpalm, a promising traditional hard rock/heavy metal band from Dortmund, Germany, with their debut EP album, 'Demo.'

Demonpalm - Bound by Fate

Demonpalm is an emerging band that caught my attention online with their debut album, 'Demo,' released in 2019. The album immediately evokes the spirit of classic Black Sabbath records through its atmospheric vibe, overall sound, and creative ideas. It is evident that these gentlemen draw inspiration from British hard rock and the old-fashioned heavy metal of the '90s. The songs predominantly revolve around powerful guitar riffs and melodic vocal lines.

As I have mentioned in previous articles, debut albums are often an opportunity to gauge a band's potential rather than focusing solely on the catchiness of the songs. In this regard, 'Demo' stands out as a solid debut, delivering a dose of traditional hard rock/heavy metal that will undoubtedly please fans of the genre. Examining their songwriting, musical ideas, compositions, and instrumentations, I find no negative aspects to mention whatsoever.

Prior to writing this review, I delved into Demonpalm's story behind the 'Demo' album and discovered that they recorded it in a modest studio, deliberately seeking a raw sound to showcase their music and ignite their own motivation (this is solely my interpretation).

Demonpalm, on stage. Credit: Unknown

Technically, 'Demo' possesses average standards across the board. However, considering it is a debut album and we have some insights into its production background, what truly matters to me is the flow and energy it emanates. In my opinion, all of the songs successfully capture the desired energy to satisfy listeners. There is an engaging live recording vibe that enhances the overall experience, allowing one to envision Demonpalm captivating audiences in a live setting.

We are fortunate to live in a time when recording a sonically pleasing album and managing a music career is more attainable than ever before. I recall my own experience recording my first album, with a complete lack of knowledge regarding the process. This is why I greatly appreciate the driving force I sense from Demonpalm. Regardless of obstacles, they have successfully recorded a demo album and even performed at the Metal Force Attack open-air festival, which is truly commendable. Taking all these factors into account, I firmly believe Demonpalm has made remarkable progress thus far. I am confident they have much more to showcase, offer, and express once given the opportunity to create a second album with proper production values.

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Demonpalm, on stage. Credit: Unknown

In conclusion, the Metalhead Community Team extends congratulations to Demonpalm for their commendable achievement with 'Demo' and wishes them the very best in their future endeavors. Thank you for reading.

Demonpalm, Demo (2019) EP album front cover artwork. Art Credit: Unknown


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