Dan Barracuda - I the Lurker - Song Review - Acoustic Progressive Art Rock from Brooklyn, New York, USA

Dan Barracuda - I the Lurker - Song Review - Acoustic Progressive Art Rock from Brooklyn, New York, USA
Dan Barracuda - I the Lurker - Song Review - Acoustic Progressive Art Rock from Brooklyn, New York, USA

Today, we have the pleasure of featuring another promising artist in the realm of acoustic progressive art rock: Dan Barracuda, hailing from Brooklyn, New York, USA. His inspiring song, 'I, the Lurker,' takes center stage."

I, The Lurker - Dan Barracuda (Official Guitar Video). "Here's a guitar performance video of my track "I, The Lurker" from my album entitled "Wavelength". There are some cool acoustic and bass riffs going here, which in conjunction with strings (composed by Robert Trevisani) make for some pretty haunting sounds! This one's a wild ride, enjoy! This video is also the first night-time shoot I've done. The first of many - this was a BLAST! And I couldn't have done it without the help of ma man Ian Hayes. We used a Panasonic GH5 and a ring light, just here in the backyard."

Dan Barracuda is an experimental progressive art rock artist whom I discovered through Metalhead Community Submissions. His latest full-length album, 'Wavelength,' released in 2019, showcases his unique approach to music. I must emphasize that Dan Barracuda's music is not for everyone; it requires time to fully grasp and appreciate its value and greatness, reminiscent of Radiohead's work.

Metalhead Community readers may remember Dan Barracuda from our previous review and introduction on Heavy Metal T-Shirts' blog. Now, he returns with a brand new full-length album, where his experimentation reaches new heights. 'I, the Lurker' is a mesmerizing song primarily structured with atmospheric and soundtrack-like elements throughout. Every time I listen to this song, vivid images of horror/thriller scenarios come to mind. As a fan of horror movies, the general vibe of the song evokes a sense of anxiety and disturbance, creating a unique experience. This music style may not be suited for daily listening, but its impact and potential are undeniable. Dan Barracuda continues to make a significant difference with his musical approach and creative ideas.

Dan Barracuda, artist photo. Credit: Unknown

From a technical standpoint, 'I, the Lurker' demonstrates above-average standards. The overall production, clear sounds, and well-executed mixing and mastering contribute to its appeal. However, there is a deliberate choice in the sound balancing that might not be entirely clear to some listeners. This decision, most likely made by the producer, enhances the song's stimulating and unsettling nature. It is truly remarkable how they have captured this eerie feeling, even without venturing into death metal or satanic themes.

Considering all these factors, Dan Barracuda is still on a journey towards fully establishing an authentic music style. This has never been an easy task, both in the past and the present. However, I have complete confidence in Dan's potential to reach that point one day, and the world will discover his highly inspiring music.

I encourage you to explore the links below to learn more about the artist, follow him on social media, and subscribe to his channels to show your support and stay updated on his upcoming releases.

Dan Barracuda, holding Wavelength (2019) album front cover art designed by Erica Baptiste

In conclusion, we, the Metalhead Community Team, extend our heartfelt congratulations to Dan Barracuda for his exceptional work on 'I, the Lurker.' We wish him the very best in his future endeavors. Thank you for reading.

Dan Barracuda, Wavelength (2019) album front cover artwork. Art Credit: Erica Baptiste



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