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Today we are featuring another up and coming progressive rock band; Corretta, from USA. We have reviewed their promising debut album; I, along with its character, style, story, potential and more.

Corretta is another promising math/experimental/instrumental/progressive rock band I have discovered about two months ago with their full-length debut album; I, which was released in 2019. This is a 55 minutes long badass progressive marvel which surely will satisfy any progressive rock fans out there, especially for those who are mostly missing the Early Dream Theater period.

Firstly, I’d like to say that Corretta is one of the most promising bands with their very specific music style/blend. It’s not possible to describe/define their music style in one sentence, so I won’t be setting any boundaries by doing so. Their music has a big variety of ideas deliciously mixed and blended, where they have so much in common with some progressive rock pioneers such as Dream Theater, Opeth, Porcupine Tree, along some other hard rock, math rock, metalcore, classic rock, blues, and alternative rock influences. Please give it a listen while reading the rest of the article.

As you might also remember from some of my previous articles that we are mostly looking for potential in every upcoming band/artist by looking at their music, professionalism, sound quality, look, images, artwork, brand, instrumentation, music style, and so on. There are so many aspects to consider. In our example, Corretta has done a magnificent job by not trying to find a shortcut in their careers, just releasing a badass full-length album with 13 phenomenal songs. Big respect! This is quite admirable. Nowadays, people value other things than the music itself, and what Corretta has done here is giving us a tip about their priorities as a band.

I have listened to the album a few times before writing my review here today. The first thing I have in my mind is that these young Americans are quite remarkable musicians. Hands down. All of the songs are mostly guitar partitions oriented. The guitar player is playing the key role almost 99% of the compositions. He has an exceptional technique and making an impressive demonstration of his skills. I can hear that he has huge John Petrucci influence in his ideas, sentences, and in his playing style. John Petrucci is certainly a game-changer guitarist who has influenced millions of people with everything they have done with his mates at Dream Theater and himself alone.

Additionally, they have done the right thing by highlighting their musicianships on the album. This is one of the things that they are making the difference with. Actually, they are a little bit more technical than just a prog-rock band. Their focus was mostly on the rich instrumentation, experimentation, and compositions. I tell you, there’s quite remarkable creativity that you wouldn’t expect to hear from an upcoming band.


There also are some unclear things about “I” as well. The overall album sound reminded me of a concept album, just like; Metropolis Part 2, and Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence by Dream Theater. Magnificent musicianships, complex yet intelligent songwriting skills, and so on. Corretta is definitely showing badass potential with all these characteristics. Hands down. You don’t hear compositions like these from new bands very often.

On the other hand, I must also say that there still are so many things that Corretta needs to develop in time. First of all, I am not sure if all these compositions were written and recorded in the same period of time. All of the songs have different vibes, influences, builds, instrumentations, tonings, vibes, and so on. Also, although there are numerous incredible ideas, sentences, dynamics, partitions, and connections along the way, I’ve had totally nothing left in my memory after listening to the full album. This is one of the most crucial things about progressive music. Millions of ideas, thousands of melodies and in the end, you have nothing left in your mind. In other words, they have the top five best players of the NBA, however, they couldn’t make a better team together for some reason.

Technically, I has great standards in every way. As I have mentioned earlier, these gents are exceptional musicians, and I is well-armed to reflect this greatness. Everything sounds very well handled, recorded, mixed and mastered. The album has a super clear and bright sound in general. I have always been a music fan who’d like to see the glass from the full side, so I won’t be talking about any negativity here at all. However, I’d like to say that they have to focus more on the overall atmosphere next time. Just like what I said about their songs earlier, there’s a similar issue with the overall harmony and atmosphere as well.

When I take all these into account, I’d like to say that I am well impressed by Corretta’s music style, musicianships, and understanding of music. I, surely is a promising debut where they show quite remarkable potential with so many things about them. One by one they are all very valuable and talented musicians. All they have to do is to try to be a better team together.

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Corretta Members:

-Jon Gibson: Lead Vocals
-Jordan Seah: Lead Electric Guitar
-Brig Urias: Rhythm Electric Guitar
-Colton Russell: Bass Guitar
-Noah Dearborn: Drums & Percussion

Q1 – Hi guys! Congratulations for your debut release “I”! How is the feedback so far?

We’ve been so overwhelmed by the positive feedback we’ve received. It’s a great feeling when you read or talk with someone who thoroughly appreciates a piece of work you dedicated the last two years of your life to creating. Oh, and the best part? Our music is appreciated by allages, from teenagers to people in their 60’s. ​- Jordan Seah

Q2- How was the recording process? Where did you record the album? What were the most challenging factors?

Our album was recorded, mixed and mastered over the course of two years. We recorded in several locations, including Revolver Studios in Westlake, CA, performance venues at Pepperdine University, and several home studios. One of the biggest challenges was managing all of the moving parts involved. Between working remotely and balancing our other commitments, progress was slow at times. However, we’ve developed a system that works for us, and are now running at full power. ​- Brig Urias

Q3 – Recording a full-length album is quite a big deal while everybody’s starting their careers with a single or EP. What was the actual reason you wanted to record a full album as a debut?

There’s a lot of talk about the “death of the album” as a financially viable product. However, the album is certainly not dead as an art form or storytelling device. Full albums allow artists to draw listeners into worlds that they’ve created, which was one of the main goals of our first release. Plus, we wanted to show the world that we mean business. Having a full-length album under our belts has allowed us to do just that. ​- Brig Urias

Q4 – What is the best thing about writing a new song? or releasing a new album?

The initial spark of creativity is one of the most exciting parts of music-making, but sharing that moment with friends elevates the experience to another level. It’s great to see someone you trust add new layers to your ideas. When you work well together, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. – ​Brig Urias

Q5 – What can you say us about the I album? What is it talking about in general? What Corretta has achieved with it?

C1, as we call it, tells a story inspired by personal hardships. It’s about overcoming trauma and fear- the kind that paralyzes you. The album is a story of a young man who embarks on a journey to find a cure for his younger brother, who is dying of a mysterious illness. Throughout the story, he finds love, lust, ultimatums and enemies, including his own fear, which he must face. ​- Jordan Seah

He is forced to grow up and come to terms with the sacrifices he needs to make if he wants to save his brother’s life. ​- Jon Gibson

At its core, Corretta I is our take on the progressive metal concept album. However, placing it in that box shortchanges what we have accomplished with it. Because it was built over numerous years, evolving from Jordan’s solo project to a full band, with members all over the world involved in tracking, it was a very “2019” approach to creating an album. But beyond the musical complexity and the absence of a single definable genre, Corretta I was an experiment and an answer to a question: Can we do this? Looking at the finished product, we have immense pride in the idea that we were able to create something cohesive out of so many moving parts. ​- Noah Dearborn

Q6 – Could you say this is the Ultimate Corretta style? What can you tell us about the musical direction of Corretta?

We’re just getting started, and our sound continues to take shape the more we work together. One of the things we really like about modern music is the trend towards genre fluidity. All five of us come from different musical backgrounds and listen to a wide variety of genres and artists. We’re excited to continue incorporating more of these influences into the Correttasound. ​- Brig Urias

Q7 – What makes a music band “Great”, in your opinions?

There are amazing players who put a band on the map because of their talent. But for aBand to be great, a few things need to line up. The musicians need to have the talent and put in the hours to reach technical proficiency (ie. they’ve got chops). But beyond individual ability, the members need to mesh as a unit- really listening to each other and serving the music rather than showing off. Having a collective vision that the band reaches for together is essential. The groups that have this chemistry and consistency are going to create songs that people want to hear over and over again. – ​Colton Russell

Great music either evokes or creates a thought or emotion in the listener. One of the problems with a lot of modern pop music is that it evokes a feeling of lethargy. But great music goes beyond that, and makes use of themes and emotions aren’t bound to one era or another.There’s a reason that the best selling album of all time is by the Eagles. The Eagles wrote songs based on universal themes and ideas, not simply about what was immediately around them. There’s a timelessness to great music, which is why such artistry is needed to create it. -Noah Dearborn

Q8 – Top 5 albums which influenced Corretta’s music?

All five of us would probably answer this question differently. However, I’d say these albums represent some of our main influences:

-Dream Theater – Metropolis Part 2: Scenes From A Memory
-Audioslave (self-titled)
-Animals as Leaders – The Joy of Motion
-Led Zeppelin IV
-Circa Survive – Juturna

Q9 – Which bands you’d like to play live or tour with?

We are really open about the idea of touring with different groups. We have already played with metal and rock bands, indie groups, singer-songwriters, and a few others. At the end of the day, we all love the art of music and sharing it with others. As long as the other artists bring good energy to their performances and our audiences want to listen, we would be happy to play with them. – ​Colton Russell

Q10 – Tell us about Corretta`s future plans.

We’re currently working on new music. Plans to release are still in the works, but we hope to have a new batch of songs out in 2020. Last month, we shot a music video for our song LastDance, which is currently in post-production. Beyond this, we hope to ramp up our live shows in the coming year, both in frequency and production value. Every time we take the stage, we want to make it count. ​- Brig Urias

Q11 – Lastly, what would you like to say to our readers?

We are excited to share what we have cooking right now with you guys. We are really expanding our horizons and sound in our current writing process. C1 was really about seeing what we were capable of collectively and creating a storyline that has touched each of our lives at some point. Now, we really want to make something organic and alive that everyone can appreciate and enjoy (of course with our own Corretta twist). So stay tuned for what’s coming up in 2020! – ​Colton Russell



In conclusion, we, as Metalhead Community Team, congratulate Corretta for their incredible debut; I, and wish them the very best in their future. Thanks for reading.

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