Celeste - Des Torrents De Coups - Song Review - Progressive Death Metal from Lyon, France

Celeste - Des Torrents De Coups - Song Review - Progressive Death Metal from Lyon, France

Today we are featuring a rising star, a progressive death/black metal band, Celeste, from Lyon, France, with, "Des Torrents De Coups", one of the singles they released in 2021.

Celeste is one of those impressive acts who make their country France proud, has been in our radar maybe for a year, and today I finally got the time to write about them. These French gentlemen caught my attention with their first song submitted to us in 2021, earning its place in our Monsters of Metal Underground Playlist on Spotify without hesitation, started their professional careers with a long play album called "Nihiliste(s)" back in 2008.

Having personality in the sound plays a crucial role in any artist/band's survival, separating those few from the rest of the world. Celeste, immediately leave their taste in your memory even after listening to a few seconds of their music, which isn't something you explain as a coincidence. As a big Gojira fan myself, instantly became a fan, listening to their music since.

Des Torrents De Coups, an impressive brief example of their style. The atmosphere is only dark but always exciting, leading you through death metal instrumentation that we are familiar with from Gojira. Guitars are only one piece of the puzzle, Celeste rather has a collective contribution to this music, one of the reasons why they are special.

Their musical blend is quite progressive at the same time, again with a similar taste to Gojira. This feeling suddenly dies as the vocalist appears, right after the opening in Des Torrents De Coups, purifying their potential from any possible speculation or confusion, in terms of originality. The song never loses the excitement while maintaining the energy level, where instruments never give a break to a clean section. It is dark, consists of sorrow in its DNA, melodies are fresh, and in the end, this journey takes the listener to a discovery of a new great progressive death metal band.

The technical side of Des Torrents De Coups fully satisfied me as a progressive death metal fan, even though there's still so much common with Gojira. The character, in general, has a lovely balance between traditional and modern, none of the notes sound plastic. On the other hand, all layers have a bulletproof blend and balance, a level only very few can reach from the underground scene, one of the best-sounding progressive metal songs I listened to for some time.

When I take all these into account, I'd like to say that I am delighted by my discovery of CELESTE. Their new album "Assassine(s)" will be out on January 28, please follow the link to support the band!

Strongly recommended!

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In conclusion, Metalhead Community Team congratulates Celeste for their impressive work "Des Torrents De Coups", and wishes them the very best in their future careers. Thank you for reading.



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