Blueburst - Supernova - Song Review - 90s Alternative Rock from Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Blueburst - Supernova - Song Review - 90s Alternative Rock from Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Today, I delve into the captivating sounds of Blueburst's latest offering, "Supernova," released on April 7, 2023. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Blueburst brings forth a promising project that embodies the essence of 90s alternative rock.

Blueburst - Supernova (Official Lyric Video)

Lyric video for Blueburst's 2nd single, "Supernova." Animated by Sarah Downen.

Led by the music enthusiast, guitarist, and vocalist Craig Douglas Miller, Blueburst's music evokes a sense of nostalgia, drawing inspiration from iconic acts such as The Cure, REM, and U2, names that came to mind first. "Supernova" skillfully combines elements of radio-friendly alternative rock, keeping it simple yet real, and creating a sonic experience that feels familiar yet captivating for its energy. It established an immediate connection with me on my first listen for its timeless qualities, and I truly appreciate that as a listener.

What sets "Supernova" apart is its industry-leading production, accompanied by the sincerity of Craig Douglas Miller's musical concept. I must say that "Supernova" stands as one of the best-sounding songs I've had the pleasure of encountering recently. The live energy, dynamic range, headroom in the sound, successful captured performances, and natural instrument tones make for an exemplary listening experience. "Supernova" exudes industry-leading standards from start to finish.

Furthermore, Craig Douglas Miller's artistic approach was convincing enough for me to believe in his potential. His incorporation of traditional influences resonated with me deeply, even across generational boundaries. Miller captures the essence of live rock music, infusing it with a blend of nostalgic and catchy tunes that many grew up listening to in the 80s and 90s. Additionally, his vocals possess a mix of characteristics reminiscent of Ozzy Osbourne, while the sound design and guitar tones pay homage to The Cure.

Bluebirst, Craig Douglas Miller, artist photoPhoto Credit: Pictured is Blueburst

On the flip side, there is little room for critique. "Supernova" captivates with its infectious sound and leaves little to be desired.

Bluebirst, Craig Douglas Miller, artist photoPhoto Credit: Pictured is Blueburst

In conclusion, the experience of listening to "Supernova" and delving into Blueburst's world has been a pleasure. A fantastic dose of 90s alternative rock with live-performing energy and radio-friendly build, blending nostalgic influences of The Cure, REM, and U2, and carrying timeless qualities in its production. Thanks for reading this further, I hope you enjoy "Blueburst" as much as I did.

Blueburst, Supernova (2023) Single Front Cover Image Art Credit: Unknown

Released April 7, 2023written by Craig Douglas MillerCraig Douglas Miller - guitar, synth, vocalsMarty Willson-Piper - guitarsMichael Jerome Moore - drumsRyan Kelly - bass

Mixed by Ben EtterMastered by Dan Hersch

drums recorded by Will Golden at Sir Tiger Studios, Los angelesGuitars/vocals recorded by Craig Miller at Finely Crafted Studios, AtlantaAdditional guitars recorded by Ben Etter at Maze Studios, Atlanta

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