Birdeatsbaby – Illuminate – Song Review – Dark Progressive Rock from Brighton, England

Today, I am reviewing “Illuminate,” one of the latest singles by Birdeatsbaby, a dark and cinematic progressive rock band from Brighton, England. The song was released on November 11, 2022.

BIRDEATSBABY | Illuminate (Official Music Video)

Video / Photography: Scott Chalmers
Production: Evan Rodaniche
Makeup: Charlie Temperton
Vocal coaches: Mary Zema and Will Gardner (Black Peaks)
Choreography: Harry Casella
Candles: Useless Poison Designs
Sigil design: Third Bloom
Special FX: Oliver Hollingdale

Birdeatsbaby is undoubtedly one of the most promising bands that I know to emerge from England that has a unique blend of artistic and musical vision that appeals to a wide range of audiences than just rock. Over the years, the band has crafted a distinguishing character through their moody and artsy music, they are now ready to conquer.

The musical foundation of the band belongs to the cinematic world, even though it might be recognized as progressive rock. Their concept doesn’t have the limitation of music written with the classic band setup of four instruments, and you never feel like you’re listening to somehow familiar music. They have that what separates great from good bands.

Illuminate is mainly structured on a cinematic music form that incorporates influences in its composition and instrumentation. The vocalist plays the starring role with her magical voice, immediately pulling the listener into the surreal Birdeatsbaby world. Her voice, attitude, and performances reminded me of vintage cinema, she is truly the queen of this impressive music.

The instrumentation also deserves credit for its craftsmanship. Every single element serves a bigger purpose, creating an experience that leaves listeners/viewers wanting more of this dark energy.

Lastly, their visionary foundation is accompanied by another precise artist sitting on the producer’s chair. The project shows immense potential with its sound character and production, reminding me of industry-leading works with its richness and elegance. They have the dark energy of Opeth, cinematic influences of Massive Attack, and the artsiness of Depeche Mode.


Birdeatsbaby, band photo
Credit: Unknown

After careful consideration, I couldn’t find any weaknesses in Birdeatsbaby’s latest single ‘Illuminate.’ Their vision and success in the music industry speak for themselves, and it’s clear they are on their way to the top.


Birdeatsbaby, band photo
Credit: Unknown

In conclusion, “Illuminate” is another solid step forward in Birdeatsbaby‘s career towards the top of the mountain. World-class production meets artistic vision, blending cinematic influences of Massive Attack, darkness of Opeth, and the artiness of Depeche Mode. Easily one of the hottest prospects from England. Thank you for reading this review. I hope you enjoy Birdeatsbaby as much as I enjoyed discovering them.


Birdeatsbaby – Illuminate (2022) Single Front Cover Artwork
released November 11, 2022
Song written by Birdeatsbaby: Mishkin Fitzgerald, Garry Mitchell, Hana Piranha, Anna Mylee
Lyrics – Mishkin Fitzgerald
Production + Mastering – Evan Rodaniche
Cover photo – Scott Chalmers

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