Ascend the Hollow - Swarms Within - Song Review - Modern Progressive Death Metal from Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands

Ascend the Hollow - Swarms Within - Song Review - Modern Progressive Death Metal from Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands
Ascend the Hollow - Swarms Within - Song Review - Modern Progressive Death Metal from Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands

Today, we turn our attention to Ascend the Hollow, a promising modern progressive death metal band originating from Ireland, Germany, and the Netherlands. In this review, we delve into their powerful piece, "Swarms Within," examining its character, style, story, potential, and more.

Ascend the Hollow made a significant impression on me approximately three months ago with their impressive song, "Swarms Within," featured on their debut album, "Echoes of Existence," released in 2019. This up and coming band began their professional journey in 2019 with a full-length album and has since released four singles from the same album. They undeniably display great potential, and I encourage you to listen to their music while reading the rest of this article.

"Swarms Within" is an absolute behemoth of a song, characterized by its dark atmosphere, powerful attitude, and compelling guitar riffs, instrumentation, and vocals. Everything is executed flawlessly, immersing the listener in the intended experience. The overall composition strikes a fine balance between complexity and accessibility. What stands out most about this song is the band's attitude. As I've mentioned in previous articles, there are certain expectations we have for new bands, and Ascend the Hollow surpasses those expectations not only with their attitude but also with their instrumentation, sound quality, atmosphere, and experience. They exhibit a level of maturity and confidence that is uncommon among emerging bands. Additionally, the overall vibe of the song evokes strong reminiscences of Meshuggah, particularly in terms of instrumentation, ideas, sections, and vocal styles, especially the growling. This may be somewhat controversial, as some might argue that it exhibits an excessive Meshuggah influence.

Technically, "Swarms Within" meets top-class standards in every aspect. The overall feeling of the song is highly compelling. It boasts a dark, clear, and powerful sound that has been expertly recorded, mixed, mastered, and harmonized. The producer deserves immense credit for breathing life into this record, as the technical execution plays a pivotal role, particularly in this specific music style. While average sound quality might suffice for thrash, black, or rock genres, the attack and impact required for this style are essential. Ultimately, it's all about injecting the desired feeling into the listener, and "Swarms Within" achieves this magnificently.

Taking all these factors into account, I hold a positive outlook for Ascend the Hollow. "Swarms Within" is an impressive work by an up and coming band. They need to continue creating music, further refining their unique Ascend the Hollow style, and develop their musical character. With time, their talent and dedication will undoubtedly lead them to greater heights.

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In conclusion, the Metalhead Community Team congratulates Ascend the Hollow on their powerful creation, "Swarms Within," and extends our best wishes for their future endeavors. Thank you for reading.



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