Arecibo - First Transmission - Album Review - Alternative Progressive Rock from Scotland

Arecibo - First Transmission - Album Review - Alternative Progressive Rock from Scotland
Arecibo - First Transmission - Album Review - Alternative Progressive Rock from Scotland

Today, we have the pleasure of featuring an exceptional up-and-coming progressive rock duo from the beautiful landscapes of Scotland: Arecibo. Their debut studio album, 'First Transmission,' encapsulates their distinctive character, style, and potential within the alternative progressive rock genre.

Arecibo, Retrace (Official Audio)

Arecibo, a special band hailing from Scotland, caught my attention about a week ago with their full-length debut studio album, 'First Transmission,' released in 2019. This discovery prompted me to share their captivating work with the esteemed readership of Metalhead Community.

Their story resonated with me on a personal level, reminding me of the beginning of my own career. Two talented musicians from the Highlands joined forces to embark on this project, solely focused on creating music and delivering this fascinating piece of work to the world. Their unwavering commitment to music above all else is truly admirable. In an industry that often encourages shortcuts to gain exposure, Arecibo's dedication stands out. These decisions speak volumes about the band's character and the musicians themselves. Let us never forget that our love and connection with music icons and heroes stems from who they truly are. Legends like Lemmy Kilmister, James Hetfield, and Bruce Dickinson influenced and guided millions, instilling a passion for music within us. Arecibo's unwavering focus on music is indeed praiseworthy amidst the prevailing trends of opting for single releases over full-length albums for convenience and cost-effectiveness.

From start to finish, 'First Transmission' leaves a lasting impact on the listener. Upon multiple listens, I found myself drawing comparisons to Metallica's iconic 'Black Album' due to its overall vibe. While many songs share a similar structure and atmosphere, akin to 'Black Album,' this cohesion works beautifully. Arecibo's foundation lies in three core elements: progressive nuances, an ethereal ambiance, and the captivating 2000s nu-metal vocals of Steve Glasford. Their music style provides ample room for the vocalist to unleash his natural-born talent, which shines throughout the album, resulting in an addictive listening experience.

Arecibo - First Transmission album art. Art Credit: Unknown

It's evident that Arecibo draws influence from Tool, a fact that resonated with me and contributed to my initial connection with their music. In my opinion, there is nothing negative about this influence as long as they continue to evolve and carve out their own authentic musical identity. Time will reveal their trajectory. It's crucial to remember that 'First Transmission' serves as Arecibo's debut album—a strong one at that. Surprisingly, their audience embraced this influence, reveling in every second of their beautiful music.

'First Transmission' can be likened to a dark and enigmatic novel, encompassing elements from both the Western and Eastern worlds. The narrator captivates through their unique ability to create tension, alternating between intense, moody, and melancholic atmospheres. It's an exciting release that showcases not only the band's songwriting prowess but also their decision-making skills, understanding of music, and the distinctive character embedded within their compositions. From the outset, I held a positive outlook, and the response from Metalhead Community readers and Instagram followers only affirmed my belief. While we may not possess the expertise to evaluate every aspect of music, we invariably recognize the right essence when we encounter it.

Considering all aspects, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to 'First Transmission' without a doubt. This album may very well mark the beginning of something magnificent. Arecibo has earned a spot on Metalhead Community's radar, and we eagerly anticipate their future endeavors.

Arecibo - First Transmission album art. Art Credit: Unknown

In conclusion, the Metalhead Community Team extends heartfelt congratulations to Arecibo for their remarkable debut release, 'First Transmission.' We wish them boundless success in their musical journey. Thanks for reading.

Arecibo - First Transmission (2019) album front cover artwork. Art Credit: Unknown

Release Info

Artist: Arecibo
Release date: July 1, 2019
Genre: Metal Label: Arecibo
Styles: Retro/Rock, Post/Progressive Rock
Similar To: Tool, Porcupine Tree

Track List:

1. Aeonian
2. Sacrament
3. Anoxia
4. Spectrum
5. Ataraxia
6. Vesta
7. Nibiru
8. Theia
9. Atlantis
10. Aeonian Remix
11. Anoxia Acoustic

Arecibo, Temple (Official Audio)