Zack Oakley - Badlands - Album Review - Psychedelic Rock from San Diego, California, USA

Zack Oakley - Badlands - Album Review - Psychedelic Rock from San Diego, California, USA
Zack Oakley - Badlands - Album Review - Psychedelic Rock from San Diego, California, USA

Today we are featuring a promising psychedelic rock artist, Zack Oakley, based in San Diego, California, USA. I have reviewed his latest long-play album, Badlands, along with its character, style, story, potential, and more.

Zack Oakley is a promising artist I discovered about two weeks ago with his latest release, "Badlands", released on September 27, 2021. In case you haven't heard of the artist before, Zack Oakley is an experienced artist, and Badlands is his first album release in his solo career. Now, please give the song a listen while reading the rest of the article.

Badlands, without hesitation, is one of the most successful albums I have listened to for some time from an underground artist with its story, background, build, musicality, style, theme, and personality. I already made up my mind about this album while listening to the album opener, Freedom Rock, and my opinion didn't change a bit all along the way to the end. Before reading about Zack Oakley online, I could tell that he is an experienced artist by looking at this established work he offers to the world as his debut. Believe me or not we don't see such things happening often, such as debut by an up-and-coming artist with such standards, technical, musical, and artistic.

Furthermore, Zack Oakley is an incredible guitar player as a fact, immediately reminded me of rock legends with strong personalities such as Jimi Hendrix and Frank Zappa, both with his guitar playing and music style in general. He has their influences not only in his music but in his soul, and that's quite obvious. His debut here doesn't seem like just making good music with their influences, Zack Oakley is kind of a person who can take the flag even further (musically).

On the other hand, the album has an immortal style, a fantastic blend of old-school psychedelic, 80s hippie, Californian, blues, and progressive rock. When you start listening to the album for the first time, it instantly struck the listener with its nostalgia. However, the real magic happens when you realize how Zack combined his musical roots with his musical genius and personality. In my book, all these qualities don't only separate him from the rest of the world but also adds Badlands among classic albums with the fashion of the 80s!

Technically, Badlands has top-class industry standards to me just like its musicality. The album sound is easy to recognize with its personality, and they were right with their decisions while working on its production. I feel like it is necessary to mention that I am not an expert, but as a music lover, I think Badlands deserves all the respect there is in the world.

When I take all these into account, I'd like to say that I am truly impressed by Zack Oakley. Although I don't listen to this music style, Zack Oakley is one of the few real potentials I have discovered for some time. I don't think he needs to wait for anything in his career, on the contrary, everything will come to his knees if only he continues making what he is best.

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In conclusion, Metalhead Community Team congratulates Zack Oakley for his new album, Badlands, and wishes him the very best in his future career. Thank you for reading.


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