Wrath of Fate - Legal Order - Album Review - Progressive Death Metal from Bursa, Turkey

Wrath of Fate - Legal Order - Album Review - Progressive Death Metal from Bursa, Turkey

Today we are featuring a promising death metal band, Wrath of Fate, from Bursa, Turkey, with, “Legal Order”, their second studio album. These Turkish gentlemen started their careers with a long-play album called Blood Congress in 2019, and Legal Order is their second official release so far, released on January 14, 2022.

Wrath of Fate came to my attention with a few songs off from their Legal Order album and it didn't take a long time to earn my respect for their efforts. Before writing my review today, I went into their video discography and watched the only option Blood Congress video (which also wasn't on this band's official Youtube channel, had to make a proper search). It was only then I realized how much they improved on this album in terms of recording, mixing, and production.

First of all, Wrath of Fate has a delicious blend of death and progressive metal, while carrying both traditional and modern influences. This would be the briefest definition of their music. They are powerful with their instrumentation, make you feel like banging your head while listening to some badass old-school death/thrash metal riffs, but also at the same time, they have modern djent/progressive metal characteristics in their music.

I am more than delighted with their effort in improving themselves soundwise. Honestly, Blood Congress didn't resonate with me mainly because of its poor mix, whereas this album won my admiration for it. Legal Order simply has the industry standards in its recording and mix, immediately making an impact on the listener, you just want to listen to it louder that's all.

The band has the necessary foundations in their music to become a successful international band. I liked their melodies and heavy parts, riffs are great, sections are well connected, songs flow flawlessly, powerful vocalists, and progressive compositions. In this way, the plan is solid, it can work. I loved the voice of their main vocalist, I'd easily listen to his vocals in any death metal song.

And lastly, they are also intelligent with their compositions, even though I feel like they still have to improve.

On the other hand, I'm afraid Wrath of Fate has a poor visual representation of the band in general, which basically is way below their musicality. I am not impressed with any graphic, band picture, or video material I have seen about this band so far, which could have played a big role in my current feelings about them. A good-looking band with vision and quality in their visuals can make a gigantic difference, this could easily make Wrath of Fate play big in their careers. By the way, looking good, having a vision, or a high-quality video doesn't always mean more budget, there are so many independent creative people out there beating established bands with their work. (example; Crystal Coffin - Shapeshifter Huntsman)

When I take all these into account, I'd like to say that I've had a great time listening to Legal Order. My fellow countrymen are on the right track. Although there's still so much room to improve in their case, I already liked their music without their help. I'd be happy to see this band become big in the future.

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Metalhead Community Team congratulates Wrath of Fate for their new album "Legal Order", and wishes them the very best in their future careers. Thank you for reading.



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